Max Guggenheim’s 9/25/10 DLR Photo Report

I would like to welcome Max Guggenheim to the DLNT crew. He will be bringing us photos and videos from The Disneyland Resort. Max now brings us his first photo report from the Disneyland Resort…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Starting off in DCA, walls are up around the right side mural to prepare for it’s removal starting on Oct. 1st

The ElecTRONica stage in Sunshine Plaza

Some equipment in the Backlot

A lot of projectors spotted

Far better looking than Glow Fest

Quick peek over the work walls at the end of the Backlot

The Bountiful Valley Farm walls

Quick peek over the wall reveals that most of the water play area has been removed

Some quick World of Color shots

Over at Disneyland, Halloween has arrived

Not much has changed this year in the mansion

Although, their are some new projections on the moon

The Day of the Dead display is back in Frontierland

Mickey has to battle Maleficent on a stick while Murphy is MIA

Jack-o-lanterns line Main Street


Disney Clotheirs still closed

The pumpkin characters are also back on the Turnstiles

Halloween Posters in Downtown Disney

World of Color is still on the tram station billboards

To finish the report, one of the Halloween displays along the Tram Route.

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