WDWNT Network’s “As The Globe Turns” 9/5/10-9/11/10

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It’s time for the WDWNT Network’s weekly review of interest topics and new programming, just in case you missed something. Without any further ado, here is this week’s edition of “As The Globe Turns” for September 5th-September 11th, 2010:

News from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida (Provided by WDW News Today)

The Magic Kingdom is decorated for Halloween, Celebrate a Dream Come True sees more changes, and work on the Fantasyland Expansion continues in Cody Smith’s photo report from September 7th

DINOSAUR remains open through refurbishment, but Flame Tree Barbecue does not in Banks Lee’s Animal Kingdom photo report from September 10th

Changes at Toy Story Midway Mania, clues to the new attraction preview center coming to One Man’s Dream, and a first-look at Pixar’s Brave can be found in Banks Lee’s Hollywood Studios photo report from September 11th

News from Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California (Provided by Disneyland News Today)

Duffy the Disney Bear is coming to Disney’s California Adventure

News on Disney Trading (Provided by The Disney Pincast and The Vinylmation Station)

Release Information for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Toy Story” Vinylmation series

“Toy Story” 9-inch Vinylmation Release Information

WDWNT Network Podcasts

-The WDW News Today Podcast Episode 160 (9/6/10) – The full, un-edited recording of WDWNT’s first live show from the Walt Disney World Resort, a look back at the incredible WDWNT: The Weekend event, and a first listen to the “Starry-O-Phonic Sounds” of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. Available for download on-site or through iTunes in either enhanced or standard edition.

-The Disneyland News Today Podcast Episode 34 (8/31/10) – The DLNT Podcast crew delivers a News and Rumor Report, takes a trip to Dining-Land to see the Storyteller’s Cafe, and provides a list of upcoming special occasions in the Events Calendar. Available for download on-site or through iTunes.

-The Disney Pincast Episode 127 (9/10/10) – While not available at the time this is published, this new episode should be available shortly. Available for download on-site or through iTunes.

-The first new episode of The Vinylmation Station podcast since early July will be recorded and released sometime in September 2010.

New Videos from WDWNTube

The following videos from the Disney Parks around the world were released on the WDWNTube (www.WDWNTube.com) in the past week:

-WDWNT’s annual anniversary video has finally been released! Banks Lee put together this year’s production, taking a look back at the third year of WDW News Today. Rather than just link you to them, here they are:

Audio Programming from WDWNTunes

The WDWNT Network’s online radio station plays Disney Parks music 24 hours a day, but also features special music blocks and plenty of original programming you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at some current and upcoming special programming for WDWNTunes (www.WDWNTunes.com):

-“WDWNT Network presents (for some reason) The Transformerscast: The Epic, Epic of Epic Proportions – A Play in Five Acts” will debut at 10:00PM ET on September 22nd. Scott Smith attempted to launch a podcast about his favorite toys twice (unsuccessfully) on “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless. Tom has give Scott one last chance to make the show a success, and Scott won’t let anyone stop him, including the rest of the WDWNT Network staff. Will Scott finally be able to make The Transformerscast a hit? Tune in to find out.

-Season 2 of the “Super Obscure Show” (or S.O.S.) with Brandon Struve and Banks Lee debuts October 2nd at 11:00PM ET. Episodes will replay for a full week at both 10:00AM and 11:00PM until a new episode debuts every Saturday.

-Your last chance to catch Season 1 episodes of the revolutionary “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless is during replays nightly at 11:00PM ET through October 1, 2010. First season episodes will no longer be airing on WDWNTunes beyond this date. “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless Season 2 is tentatively scheduled to debut January 2011.

-Our 2 hour Halloween audio block will begin airing on September 13th and will run through October 31st. Times for the daily music block are still to be determined.

Everything Else

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