Josh Siegel’s 1/28/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Josh Siegel visited the Magic Kingdom on Friday and has a number of newsworthy photos from around the park to share with us:

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The temporary Winnie the Pooh meet and greet in Fantasyland, no word on where this is going after the expansion is complete

1170736828 xLpy7 L

No bouncing today…

1170736744 nYFdd L

The Tomorrowland Speedway continues to be ripped up to make room for the dueling Dumbos…

1170736993 pzeUA L

Some props have already been removed from Pete’s Garage in Toontown

1170737262 aWy9q L

1170737305 NeNTp L

More Speedway work

1170737317 HdMSh L

This picture spot will soon be history

1170737574 coWJh L

Say goodbye to the character houses, but the rest is staying

1170737562 tXRU3 L

The Magic Kingdom merchandise for 2011 is being sold in Fantasyland

1170737767 HWJjY L

The artwork is very nice

1170737794 b7iF8 L

1170738012 EHxQw L

Grumpy seems to be the only one upset about this Mine Train…

1170738093 tL3CX L

New garbage cans for the forrest section of Fantasyland? or temporary?

1170738397 DT8M8 L

Work continues on Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

1170738352 3JjdR L

1170738417 XLPJi L

Belle’s Village is taking shape

1170738729 L8RsW L

1170738712 SyiEt L

The first towers of Prince Eric’s castle rise

1170739013 dXArT L

View of the construction is blocked at the Royal Table

1170739321 XjucA L

The sloped roof of the cottage is quite obvious

1170739297 bZcKV L

Mermaid just looks like a concrete block right now

1170739644 vrhJQ L

This structure appears to be “Bonjour! Village Gifts”

1170739638 X8Dcv L

There is some work going on here as well…

1170739997 JWYX4 L

1170739994 Xd9Zr L

Both sides of the castle are walled off

1170739860 K4kSH L

1170740230 Ajqif L

The Adventureland bridge is being replaced with a flat bridge to make it more wheelchair accessible

1170740376 FYrjS L

The roof of the old bridge is gone

1170740307 xLUSE L

Guests are being routed onto a temporary bridge

1170740540 itSbJ L

Why not keep the side bridge for guests in wheelchairs and not touch the old bridge?

1170740683 SdhMz L

As you can see, it is very temporary

1170740669 Ct4Bx L

We’re still not sure if the giant projectors for “The Magic, The Memories, and You” go down…

1170740806 55hwg L

The Confectionary facade will be under tarps until June

1170741049 bJabs L

1170741043 UccJr L

1170741026 XnSNq L

Work continues to get the Exposition Hall ready for Mickey, Minnie and the Princesses in the Spring

1170741319 eKTLf L

They are really ripping the place apart

1170741365 mLrwe L

Tony’s is using a separate entrance at this time

1170741349 LiFng L

A lone hallway of what was a giant room now holds all the Photopass desks

1170741702 N4UoH L

Guests are sent in the side entrance of Exposition Hall to queue for the Photopass desks

1170741806 QH7yH L

The garden to the left of City Hall is also behind tarps

1170742061 oZRoN L

This is the location in Tomorrowland chosen for the temporary Mickey and Minnie meet and greet while Exposition Hall is prepared

1170742005 rGp9F L

This area used to be a smoking section before the Space Mountain refurbishment in 2009