Josh Siegel’s 1/28/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Josh Siegel visited the Magic Kingdom on Friday and has a number of newsworthy photos from around the park to share with us:

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The temporary Winnie the Pooh meet and greet in Fantasyland, no word on where this is going after the expansion is complete

No bouncing today…

The Tomorrowland Speedway continues to be ripped up to make room for the dueling Dumbos…

Some props have already been removed from Pete’s Garage in Toontown

More Speedway work

This picture spot will soon be history

Say goodbye to the character houses, but the rest is staying

The Magic Kingdom merchandise for 2011 is being sold in Fantasyland

The artwork is very nice

Grumpy seems to be the only one upset about this Mine Train…

New garbage cans for the forrest section of Fantasyland? or temporary?

Work continues on Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Belle’s Village is taking shape

The first towers of Prince Eric’s castle rise

View of the construction is blocked at the Royal Table

The sloped roof of the cottage is quite obvious

Mermaid just looks like a concrete block right now

This structure appears to be “Bonjour! Village Gifts”

There is some work going on here as well…

Both sides of the castle are walled off

The Adventureland bridge is being replaced with a flat bridge to make it more wheelchair accessible

The roof of the old bridge is gone

Guests are being routed onto a temporary bridge

Why not keep the side bridge for guests in wheelchairs and not touch the old bridge?

As you can see, it is very temporary

We’re still not sure if the giant projectors for “The Magic, The Memories, and You” go down…

The Confectionary facade will be under tarps until June

Work continues to get the Exposition Hall ready for Mickey, Minnie and the Princesses in the Spring

They are really ripping the place apart

Tony’s is using a separate entrance at this time

A lone hallway of what was a giant room now holds all the Photopass desks

Guests are sent in the side entrance of Exposition Hall to queue for the Photopass desks

The garden to the left of City Hall is also behind tarps

This is the location in Tomorrowland chosen for the temporary Mickey and Minnie meet and greet while Exposition Hall is prepared

This area used to be a smoking section before the Space Mountain refurbishment in 2009