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Update: 4/26/11 Star Wars set will be re-released on June 4th, 2011 at the Little Green Men Store Command in Tomorrowland, Disneyland. That is for those in California. For those in Florida, it’s still rumored to be re-released on May 20th at Star Wars Weekends.

Update: 1/14/11 Star Wars released at D-Street Florida. We have a photo of both the chaser AND the variant of the chaser. (See Mystery Chaser near the bottom)

Update: 1/12/11 Confirmation of a rocket pack on Boba Fett. Confirmation this is a Disney Parks exclusive and will not be available online or in Disney Stores.

Update: 1/8/11 We have full turn-arounds for all 11 characters now.

Update: 1/7/11 Lightsabers! Both Luke and Darth Vader have them. The whole set (minus chaser) is on display in D-Street.

Update: 1/6/11 The Disney Vinylmation Blog corrected itself and is now agreeing with the Art of Disney Blog that the release of Star Wars in California D-Street is: 8 am Sunday the 16th!

Update: 1/5/11 Several mentions of this as Star Wars #1! So I think that confirms at least a Star Wars #2. According to the Disney Vinylmation Blog today, the release schedule is as follows:

D-Street Florida – Midnight the 13 (Thursday night/Friday morning)
D-Street California – Saturday the 15th Sunday the 16th at 8 am
Disney Stores Online and IRL – Never!

1/4/11 Don’t know anything about Star Wars characters, or just want to see their Vinylmation forms. This is the page for you. We’ll try to update as often as we can.

Release date is January 16th 2011 at D-Street. (CA at the moment)


Played by: Kenny Baker
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Looks great, I think all the robots in this series look great. Lots of great detail work on his body.


Played by: Anthony Daniels
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Another robot, another good looking Vinylmation. Although his inquisitional look on his face is a little odd. I love the detail of the wire in his stomach.

Luke Skywalker

Played by: Mark Hamill
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Human figures aren’t as impressive here, but it does look like Luke, albeit at the start of “A New Hope”. Thinking of variants, maybe the chaser is Master Luke.
Update: 1/7/11 Check out the lightsaber. Seen in the display in D-Street.

Princess Leia

Played by: Carrie Fisher
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Classic buns style. Mickey’s ears kinda play that up a little and it’s cool. Nice Hoth cold suit. I wonder how many versions of each of the lead characters we will get.

Han Solo

Played by: Harrison Ford
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Look at that nerf herder’s smirk.


Played by: Peter Mayhew
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Looks great. Love the detail of his ammunition belt. Although he does seem a little angry. Let the Wookie win.

Lando Calrissian

Played by: Billy Dee Williams
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

I hope the back has his cape. One of the better human representation in Vinylmation form. Check out that cape on his back.


Voiced by: Frank Oz
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Works well. Interesting clothes choice. I guess it’s supposed to be the outfit we first meet him in. I hope he comes with a walking stick!

Boba Fett

Played by: Jeremy Bulloch
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Update: 1/12/11 Rocket Pack


Played by: Lightning Bear and others
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Nice details and looking rather cute for a bad guy.

Darth Vader

Played by: David Prowse
Voiced by: James Earl Jones
Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

There looks like there is a lot of detail on this one. I need to see it closer, but it might be pretty awesome. Also note he comes with a Red Lightsaber accessory.

Mystery Chaser

Vinylmation Artist: Mike Sullivan

Who could it be? The Emperor seems the most obvious. Unless it’s the RX-24 (Rex) from Star Tours (Voiced by PeeWee Herman)

Or maybe Master Luke? For instance Luke in the black Jedi robes?

Or Obi-wan?

Update: 1/14/11 Click on Mystery Chaser for photo of Chaser and Variant of Chaser (which there are very few of)

Here’s a look at the case the Star Wars Vinylmation.

Case Breakdown-

The display case has a giant Darth Vader vinyl as it’s center piece. It looks like the photos we’ve seen of the Darth Vader vinyl (unlike the Muppets one which has a giant version of Kermit on it, but the design was Kermit from Park 1 not Kermit from the Muppets 1). Surrounding Darth Vinyl are streaks of light reminiscent for those seen when heading into Lightspeed.

On the left side is the Imperial symbol with the words, “Disney Park Vinyl 3″ collectible figure”. Does this mean it will only be in parks? If anything THIS is a series to also put in stores, but we shall see.

According to the right side of the display, this is part of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back which came out in 1980. I guess knowing that, we should have known that it wasn’t coming out in 2009.

Also worth noting is that it says “Star Wars Vinylmation 1″ so that seems to confirm (as if there was a doubt) that there will be a series 2!! Hopefully series 2 will have some 9″, because Steven said there would be no 9” for series 1.

The individual blind boxes also show Star Wars 1 and have the Rebel Alliance symbol on them.

As always, “No refunds, exchanges, or returns”

Most Vinylmation info from Disney sources like the Vinylmation Vault.

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