Tom Corless’ 1/15-1/18/11 WDW Photo Report

I was visiting Walt Disney World for the premiere of PIXAR Pals: Countdown to Fun and “Let the Memories Begin” last week and managed to find some time to take some newsworthy photos, so let’s take a look at what’s new around the parks:

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We begin at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Gnomio & Juliet was going to be a Disney movie, now it’s just a Disney promoted movie…

1162216234 ZNqTs L

Bambi is coming to Blu-ray

1162216256 yrGzE L

Disney Junior billboards are already up at Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage!

1162216737 Y7zZK L

1162216906 be5Xu L

Playhouse Disney closes for the conversion on January 30th

1162217344 FRqZw L

Some of the Hall of Fame busts are missing for some reason

1162217617 u4Et6 L

PIXAR Pals is not listed as a parade… that statement took new meaning later in the day…

1162218126 3aUr2 L

I would have taken more photos, but I dropped my camera in disbelief

1162219113 Vtche L

Moving over to Epcot, MouseGear has a window display for the Walt Disney World 40th anniversary merchandise

1162219084 VLpDm L

1162219193 YTdZk L

1162219518 DyhDJ L

1162219726 P2SVX L

A lot of work going on in Future World central, but more on that later

1162219825 Y2VGo L

The redesign of MouseGear is just about complete

1162220039 FzRBV L

New Epcot “toothpick holders”

1162220419 xMoig L

The movement of the merchandise really opens the store up, very reminiscent of the Centorium

1162220515 4YD3B L

1162220506 ipV2f L

Animation Vinylmation… or is it Vinylmation Animation series… I’m confused… so go to the Vinylmation Station website

1162220806 GJtiz L

We’d love to know what the ten on this shirt stands for… trust me, we tried everything!

1162220937 AQ5sf L

40th Anniversary merchandise out in full force

1162221080 5tyY7 L

1162221197 rDbqh L

1162221666 eVgQr L

1162221625 4fLRs L

1162222270 WavvH L

1162222210 2yeyb L

1162222201 3fLfS L

“toothpick holder”

1162222621 ZQ9eX L

Playing cards

1162222618 FdNph L

The last little piece of store is being worked on now

1162223068 9jLyi L

New Mickey and friends skateboarding action figures

1162223139 V3aH8 L

The checkered concrete placed in 1999 is being ripped up, and most likely the remaining Millennium props from the area with it

1162223633 EQrpD L

More concrete marked for removal

1162224074 XbKG4 L

1162223864 JFZDX L

1162224230 cDzkA L

1162224489 f7NV3 L

Let the Memories begin… with napkins…

1162224794 qkkyr L

Just like Space Mountain, Test Track now places text over your photo preview

1162224851 2bUPB L

The big red planet at Mission:Space is getting dirty

1162224982 58hX8 L

Maybe they need the AXE detailer… (someone got the joke)

1162225512 AYijc L

Moving briefly to the Magic Kingdom, rumors have El Pirata Y El Perico becoming a Pirates restaurant after the exterior refurbishment is complete

1162225571 UhiJh L

1162226187 PHXVy L

We’ll just have to wait and see if “Tortuga Tavern” ever happens…

1162226418 bZnYQ L

Splash Mountain is under refurbishment

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