Love it?

The Vinylmation 9″ Holiday 2 Cupid “Love is Blind” figure came out this morning. It is designed by Quynh Kimball and limited to just 450 figures. This piece, just in time for Valentine’s Day, retails for $48.95 and can be found at D-Street in both Orlando and California. There are also some available at the Disney Store online. Here is your first up close look.

Cupid has exceptional detail all around. The paint job is great and there are little details all around.
The detail in both the ears is remarkable. Instead of just painting them on, the artist added red glitter inside the hearts. This figure really sparkles.
The blindfold is raised with a glossy paint… giving the blindfold an almost ribbon-like quality to it.
The wings on the back and the quiver of arrows are also painted with great detail.
The back’s of the ears have a “To” and “From” where you can write your special someone’s name.
On the front, the buttons also have the same red glitter as the hearts on ears.
On the “Heartbroken” side, Cupid has names crossed off his arm.
The bottom is even done with some extra flare.¬†Quynh signs his name with a “Q” in the shape of a heart and adds some hugs and kisses “XOXO”

What are your thoughts? Love it? or Hate it? Tell us.