Cutesters Too Explained

Update: 2/13/11 The Disney Store Online will be releasing this series on February 16th, 2011.

Update: 2/9/11 Cutesters Too will be sold at the online Disney Store starting February 16th. You can order both full cases, as well as individual boxes.

Update: 2/5/11 The artist, Maria Clapsis confirmed that there is a variant chaser. Picture posted below of variant chaser. There is a purple Variant to the yellow Bubble Bath figure. And now that we have the set in hand we are changing the name of Bear Kid to Squirrel Kid because Maria put an Acorn on the bottom.

We also wrote up a nice blog about Maria Clapsis, her favorite ones from this set, and included some of her artwork so you can see where the vinylmation draws its influence.

2/3/11- Cutesters Too were on display at D-Street Orlando today! We have only seen about 4 of them so far, so this is the world’s first look at most of these figures. Lots of great designs and some awesome accessories. The set releases tomorrow, 2/4/11, at D-Street in both Orlando and California.

***We have confirmation that D-Street Orlando will open at 8am! Great news for those of us who want our Vinylmation fix before work.

Enjoy these photos and then tell us your thoughts on Cutesters Too.

Donut Hole

Nick called it. There’s a hole in the center. Now it’s more of a clear space in the vinyl then an actual hole, but it’s definitively a hole!

The sprinkles remind me of Homer Simpson.

Happy Lollipops

Lots of fun candy floating around a white dotted background. Does this one go with the kids who are in costumes and might be Trick or Treaters?

Real Wonderland

When Alice went to Wonderland, one of the first creatures she met was a Caterpillar sitting on a Mushroom. It’s like that, but if it were real life.


This is a brilliant concept. The body is filled with Jacks. The right ear is the bouncing ball and the head is the clear air with lines showing how the ball is bouncing. Perfect!

Bubble Bath

At first I thought they were snowballs, but after a closer look, it’s obvious they are bubbles!

(There is a purple Variant to this figure)


Check out the extra bow on top. Then check out the left ear to see who the gift is for.

I Want S’more

We love this one. It’s a S’more. (Graham cracker, Chocolate, and a melted Marshmellow on top) The S’more is the head, and the body is the fire you use to cook it, with the legs as the logs. I’m just not sure why the fire is so happy?

Yellow Raincoat

One of the two weather dressed kids. This one has on a yellow rain coat. In the ears you can see how much rain there is.

Tiger Kid

This kid is wearing a cute Tiger outfit. Grrrr.

Red Scarf

This gal is dressed up for the cold. Look at the snow falling above her head, and while your eyes are up there, check out the cute pompom. This is the officially the first non-vinyl accessory. (The skirt on the Animated 1 9″ Hippo doesn’t count, cause it’s only in the Disney Store NYC and probably a mistake)

Squirrel Kid

This kid is dressed up like a bear squirrel, ready to get all those Happy Lollipops. I like the zipper on his belly.
Did anyone see Brita’s outfit from the first season Halloween episode of Community?


No idea, and no real way to guess. The original Cutester’s chaser was the great Cinderella Castle with Jewels. We’ll find out tomorrow what this one is.

2/4/11 We added a picture of the chaser, just click. Also we know there is a variant of the chaser, or a “Super Chaser”. Check back for more details when we get it.

Update: 2/5/11 Variant Chaser pic below.

Variant Chaser

Click the mystery Vinylmation for a pic of the variant chaser.

Both the normal and Variant chasers are based off some 2009 drawings on Maria Clapsis’s blog. They are a little big more than just a color variant.

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