Spotlight On: Maria Clapsis artist of the Cutesters Too series

Maria Clapsis is the artist who designed the great looking Vinylmation Cutesters Too series. Recently, we asked her what her favorite piece from the set is.

“The 2 chasers are my faves. They’re based on art I did for my blog, so they’re special.
The Donut too. Hard to choose” – Maria Clapsis
Um, two chasers??? She then clarified that there is a variant to the chaser in Cutesters Too. So I checked out her blog at to search for her inspiration for the chasers.


Pictures of Cutesters Too chaser after the jump!

From WDW attractions to Vinylmation, I really enjoy seeing an artist’s conceptial art. So I was excited to look through Maria’s blog to find her inspiration for her Vinylmation.
On October 6th, 2009 Maria made this post:

“My friend Matt gave me an excellent suggestion the other day after my candy apples post. He said why not expand on it, and go with sweet and sour’? Red apples are sweet, green apples are sour, and that way it goes beyond just anther cute thing”

Art work from 10/6/09 on Maria’s Blog
Chaser released on 2/4/11
Art work from 10/6/09 on Maria’s Blog
Sour Candy Apple Released 2/4/11

Photo from Aranya

And that post back in 2009 is the inspiration for the wonderful Sweet Candy Apple chaser and Sour Candy Apple variant chaser. Thank you to Aranya for sending us the Sour Apple picture.
You can also see her her style in these posts and how it translated onto the Vinylmation in Cutesters Too.
Maria Clapsis is a full-time freelance artist based out of Orlando, Florida. Her main client is the Disney Design Group, designing theme park merchandise. She welcomes your comments on her art and states she is always available for freelance jobs and commissions. Contact Maria at: [email protected]
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