Now Departing: More Star Tours Destination Hinting

From Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald on the Disney Parks Blog:

Recently, we talked about the characters you’ll meet in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation about where we’ll meet those characters. Well, stay tuned. While the Star Tours Company does fly to many destinations (as you can see in the attached image – especially if you read Aurebesh) we’ll soon give you the flight list for our show!

UPDATE: Our good friend Scott Smith actually deciphered the above message, here is the full translation:

Tatooine, flight 712, time 0745, statues: gate change
Coruscant, flight 1138, time 0910, status: on time
Tatooine, flight 324, time 1045, status: on time
Endor, flight 611, time 1100, status: delayed
Coruscant, flight 208, time 1245, status: on time
Tatooine, flight 410, time 1310, status: on time
Alderaan, flight 716, time 1315, status: see agent
Coruscant, flight 1010, time 1415, status: on time
Alderaan, flight 1112, time 1645, status: see agent
Endor, flight 903, time 1945, status: delayed

Other than some inside jokes with Endor flights delayed and Alderaan passengers being told to see agent, there isn’t anything new about the attraction revealed. While Disney has not released the list of destinations for the new attraction, we do have some speculation and clues as to what they might be. As usual, stay tuned for more information on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue as it becomes available.

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