An Exclusive Look At Buena Vista Street

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We were able to get our hands on several very detailed blueprints that overlook the Buena Vista Street expansion that is currently under construction at Disney California Adventure. Construction has already begun on the first half of Buena Vista Street (Carthay Circle) and is slated to be completed in 2012.

Starting off at the park entrance, the new turnstiles will be themed to the Pan-Pacific Theater similar to what is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios over in Orlando. The path on the left is a mystery to me as nothing was there before so my assumption is that it will be used by Cast Members. The esplanade is unchanged.

Moving on right past the turnstiles into the North Plaza. The first location on the left you will pass is Oswald’s Filling Station which we are assuming is DCA’s version of the Newsstand. Pass that is the existing guest relations building. On the opposite side are the Existing lockers and restrooms which will be re-themed. In front of the lockers is the first Red Car stop you will pass. Julius Katz and Sons will be a merchandise location and will located in the space formally used for Stroller Rental. Los Feliz Five and Dime, Big Top Toys, and Elias and Company Department Store are going to take over as the flagship store(s) of the park replacing Greeting From California.

Here is a look at what the above blueprint will look like once completed.

This next image is the street between the North Plaza and Carthay Circle. Atwater Art Supply we believe will be the equivalent of Disneyana.

Next you will enter Carthay Circle. First location you will pass is the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical cafe which will be a coffee shop and will replace Baker’s Field Bakery. Clarabelle’s Ice Cream Parlor will replace Bur-r-rBank Ice Cream. Their are a lot of details in this overhead so we will take it one a time.

First interesting note is that subwoofers are being placed underground in false “Storm Drains” around the plaza for parades.

Pictured above is labeled simply “Pump House.” At this time, we are assuming it will be a merchandise or dining location. It will be placed between the entrance of Condor Flats and the performance corridor. We’ve been told that the “pump house” will house the actual “pump” for the fountain in the center of the plaza.

Above is the new icon of the new park. The Carthay Circle theater is said to be several things. Tom Staggs mentioned it would be a high-end dining location. It is also rumored to be a exclusive club similar to Club 33. Another rumor that it will be an actual theater. Now what I have circled in the bottom of the picture seems to look like a bank of exit doors for a theater. Nothing is set in stone yet so these are sure to change.

Here is the Carthay Circle Theater. At it’s tallest point it will be 89 feet tall, Sleeping Beauty Castle only 77 feet tall. From this picture, we can see that their will be two levels in this complex and balcony’s overlooking the street.

Here is a overhead of the center of the circle. The most interesting thing here is the location of the partners statue circled in the top of the picture.

Here is the concept art for the new partners statue that Disney released back in 2007 what the expansion was announced. It was said it was to suppose to represent an earlier Walt, when he first arrived in California with his newest creation, Mickey Mouse.

Here is the blueprint for the statue.

Before we move on, one interesting note. Circled above is “Special Effects Lighting.” On the right are sections of concrete with glass squares in them. Yes, it seems that at night, the streets of Buena Vista Street will come to life with amazing light and color. Can’t wait to see this…

The next blueprints are of the already completed trolley tracks and improvements down the Backlot.

Above is the Animation Building and The Hyperion

Tower of Terror

Blueprint of the Red Car maintenance barn.

Here are all the blueprints pieced together.