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We received our Villains 9″/Jr combos today. Which one is your favorite? What do you think about Disney releasing these limited edition figures in select Disney stores? What is the most fair way to allow collectors to get limited edition items? Keep them at D-Streets or put them online?

Maleficent 9″ and Princess Aurora Jr

Maleficent is one of the most striking figures yet. The colors are vibrant. The face is drawn really well and is in the perfect place on the figure. I like designer Oskar Mendez’s use of gloss on the head and hands and matte finish to the clothing.

The Jr “Sleeping Beauty” is the first full representation of a “Princess” as a vinylmation. Here’s hoping to see some more, and in 3″ size!

Julius 9″ and Minnie
Mouse Jr

Another nice placement of the face, giving him a big chin. Artists Gerald Mendez’s design is very exaggerated and cartoonish. Great detail with the stitches and gloss finish.

Minnie Jr’s face is drawn remarkably well on the Jr. Great color.

Mickey will come as the Combo Topper for Park 6, (April 1st)

Jumba 9″ and Stitch Jr

The Jumba figure doesn’t work for me. To be honest, I don’t think Artist Dan Beltan captured Jumba’s character. The eyes look crossed. Also, I get he has a blue tongue, good idea, but it looks awkward. He’s missing his satchel and a few hairs on his head. And I’m fairly certain the coloring is a bit off on the clothing. But hey, I like the stars in the ears.

Stitch Jr is basically Stitch from Park 5 shrunk down… and like his predecessor, it doesn’t look right. Stitch needs to be drawn more cartoonish and exaggerated.

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  • Maleficent is my favorite of the three. As far as releases, I feel like all releases should see a split release between online & D-Street. With limited edition sizes becoming higher than they were with the first few Vinyl series (600 + vs the usual 3-400 of alot of earlier vinyls) there should be plenty to go around. Getting up early or staying up for either online or in person releases may be kind of a pain sometimes but it’s the price of being a collector. Well that or paying ebay prices & I’d much rather lose some sleep vs paying double or triple.

  • I love Maleficent. And i like the idea of placing at least SOME online. I know you answered it your podcast, but i want to be able to complete my Disney Afternoon set… I’ll desperately be wanting Ducktales, Darkwing, and Rescue Rangers… and i’m afraid they’ll be completely gone if they only get placed up at D.Street.

  • I ordered the 3pack in the middle of the night. They gave me a receipt but the next say they sent me an email saying they don’t have the vinyls for me. Now I’m going to have to pay 3 times the prices

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