Muppets 2 Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 6/20/11 Kermit and Animal will be released on August 5th at both D-Streets.

Update: 4/15/11 Price is actually $11.95 at D-Street. But it’s $12.95 at Disney Stores. Check out more info (and pics of price tags) at Muppets 2 Price post.

Update: 4/8/11 Thanks to Don Sawyer, we have the retail price for Muppets 2. It’s $12.95. We also now know the Penguin is the triple. (makes sense)

Update: 4/6/11 We now have turnarounds for all 11 3″ figures. Check out the backs of everyone. Nothing super exciting, but Floyd does have a ponytail. Also added pic of chaser. The photo is from eBay seller lindogcatbird.

Update: 4/2/11 Video from @FrogFan76 confirms all but the chaser. Check out his video at his youtube channel and his twitter at @FrogFan76. Thank you FrogFan76 for putting these out there for the world to see.

Update: There is a rumored list of the Muppets 2 lineup on the Vinylnation website. DV has yet to verify the lineup with Disney at this time (although all but the chaser have been confirmed by other outside sources). Disney has released some of pics and figures of Muppets 2 already. So here is the complete Disney verified and rumored list and our thoughts on each. Thanks to our leaders who emailed/tweeted/commented with links pointed to this info! We super appreciate it!

Update: According to commenter DiMera78, the Disney Stores will also be getting this series on April 15th!

Muppets 2 will be released on April 15th at both the Florida and California D-Streets. The store at Downtown Disney in California will get an added bonus… Muppets 1 and 2 designer Monty Maldovan will be on hand to sign his figures. He will be there from 2-5pm PST and will sign up to 2 items per guest. As always, these items will be limited to the artist’s own merchandise.

We know this set could also include 9″ figures, but have no details on what characters will be featured at this time. No release date details for the 9″ figures.

Lew Zealand

Lew Zealand’s act involves boomerang fish. He throws them away and they come back to him. Lew Zealand was meant to only appear in episode 310 of The Muppet Show, and he was made from a Whatnot. However, after that, a more permanent puppet was built and Lew Zealand became a regular character.

The figure looks great, love the fish in the ears. – MC


Scooter serves as a “gofer” backstage on The Muppet Show, and appeared from the first produced episode through the end of the series. His eye glasses are set back back with his eyes poking it and he can be seen most of the time in his green jacket.

Kinda boring figure, but that’s what Scooter is. -MC


Pepe the King Prawn, whose full name is Pepino Rodrigo Serrano Gonzales, started life in Madrid, Spain. He worked as a chef, before moving to Hollywood and following his true calling in show business. How will Monty design this figure with the wild “hair”?

The craziest, and in my opinion, worst figure in the set so far. -MC


The Penguins are mostly nameless and undifferentiated from one another. They have appeared in many Muppet productions and are best known for tossing themselves into the air. In Muppet Vision 3D at DHS, the Penguins are featured in the orcestra pit in both puppet and animatronic form.

There are already 2 peguin vinylmation out there, but I still want this one too! So adorable. -MC

Captain Link Hogthrob

Link Hogthrob is one of 3 figures in Muppets 2 that come from the “Pigs in Space” sketches. Link idebuted in the second season as the not-so-fearless captain of the Swinetrek, he thinks very highly of himself, and that often led to conflict with his co-star, First Mate Piggy.

Kinda devoid of features to identify him, but the other two are not Link, so this must be him. Love the suit. Love the cape.-MC

First Mate Piggy

The second character from “Pigs in Space” is First Mate Piggy. At the height of this sketch’s popularity, in 1981 the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia were greeted by Pigs in Space on two consecutive mornings with specially recorded comedy bits by the Muppet performers.

Perfect. Great placement of the nose. – MC

Dr. Julius Strangepork

The third figure from “Pigs in Space” is Dr. Julius Strangepork. He is an elderly pig who serves as resident scientist aboard the Swinetrek spaceship and is occasionaly seen in other Muppets Show sketches.

Also good. The suit, the nose, ect -MC


The brass man of the band will also be part of the group. Sunglasses and maybe a hat or a sax as an accessory!

He’s got a hat! Wish it had been a sax. Otherwise, great figure. -MC

Dr. Teeth

The leader of the Electric Mayhem, Dr. Teeth is the keyboardist and lead singer. This vinyl looks great (as far as we can see). He’s got his gold tooth, his stripped shirt, and his crazy pink/purple hat with a blue feather in it. First seen at the trade event in WDW.

Looks great. Love the shoes. Very colorful. -MC

Sgt. Floyd Pepper

Floyd looks great wearing his Sgt. Pepper’s Band jacket and signature green army hat. The question is, will his army hat be the fancy glitter one he wears while playing bass in the orchestra pit for the Muppet Show? Also check out that bright orange mustache!
First seen on a slide from the Trade City show.

So glad he has his beard, or the face would lack any details. That’s the problem with Muppets I suspect. Love it. Check out his hip ponytail in the back. -MC


Janice plays the Les Paul guitar for the Electric Mayhem. This vinyl representation duplicates her long blond hair, big lips, and her purple eye shadow. Notice the flower on her hat symbolizing her “flower child” attitude and speech.


Waldo C. Graphic is a computer generated character who can morph into a variety of shapes. Waldo was controlled in real time by a puppeteer, making use of a mitten-like motion-capture device called a Waldo (which he was named after). He is prominently featured in Muppet Vision 3D at DHS.

And he comes with a hat!

Kermit 3-D 9″

Released August 5th
LE 1500

Originally the chaser for series 1, until they put a tux on him to celebrate the 55th anniversary, this design was kept over and blown up to be a 9″ figure for series 2. I really like the Muppets 3-D logo shirt, the Mickey Ears, and the 3-D glasses (which look so good I can’t tell if they are part of the paint or an accessory!) The second vinylmation to have 3-D glasses, it’s nice to see Kermit has upgraded to Polorized technology from 3-D Mickey’s red and blue anaglyph tech.

Animal 9″

Released August 5th
LE 1500

Animal looks really good. I miss not having actual hair, but I do have to say the design is better then I expected (after having Celeste set the bar so high). The have all the details, from the drum stick, to the silver bracelets (it would have been cool to make them studded), to the rope belt. Very cool. As an ex-drummer I think I’m gonna have to buy this one.

Sam the Eagle 9″

Released June 24th
LE 1500

Check out his parioticness! The American flag in the background (the ears). Sam’s beak also looks really good from this angle. Using the (not for long) Mickey nose it really does almost look like a beak in this shot! Perfect eyebrow, and I also like the talons on the front, with one on the back.

The back of Sam gets it’s own row because of the special accessory. The tail! It’s been added and looks cool! I can’t wait to see it in person!
Gonzo 9″

Sold with: Camilla 3″

Well there wasn’t much they could do about Gonzo’s nose. But once you’re past that, the rest of this figure is pretty cool. I love his suit with the flower. I’ll miss not having a 3″ Gonzo for the moment, but I think this pairing is a great idea.

Camilla 3″

Sold with: Gonzo 9″

Gonzo’s love interest has followed him all the way to the vinylmation box. I really think this 3″ works, and would buy several if she came alone. Great job with this figure Monty!

Which characters did you feel were missing from the first series that that are still not on this rumored Series 2 list? Leave us your suggestions in the comments!

Thanks to for some background info on the characters.

And a special thanks to @FrogFan76 for his video over at

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Scuba Owl
Scuba Owl

Are these going to be on or at b&m Disney Stores?


Muppets Series 2 will be coming to Disney Stores on April 15!