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Update: 3/5/11 Price is confirmed at $16.95. Junior variant (Blue or Red light) confirmed. Key chains on all juniors, confirmed.

Update: Later on 3/2/11 Disney’s Vault page put up all the Juniors for this series. Check them out below the 3″ we believe is associated with each. Warning: You might have to buy them all. Also… a variant Jr? Really??

Update: 3/2/11 We found this display at D-Street, and took some pictures. Remember that each of these 3″ figures comes with one of 30 Jrs.

In the next few days we should start seeing more from Disney about Here is the Occupations Series. So we went back and checked on the info we already had, most coming from the Vinylmations presentation at Trade City back in August of 2010.

This is a series of 10 Open Window 3″ figures. Each 3″ will come with one of three specific Jrs. That means each of the ten 3″s will have 3 Jrs associated with it, for a total of 30 Jrs and 40 total vinyl figures in this set. (Assuming no variants). Well there is something of a variant. The Policeman has 4 Jrs connected to it. Do the two lights come as a pair, or is one light a variant? That makes 31 Jrs and 41 figures total. The largest set to date! They will be released at both D-Streets on March 4th. All the juniors will have key chains on them.

One note: The backs of these vinyls aren’t very interesting. Lots of unused space. I wish they all had something like the A+ Paper Jr’s gold star on the back.

Doctor 3″

A nice clean blank vinyl with a detailed Stethoscope. Simple, smooth, and perfect for that graduation day 8 years after High School.

Bone X-Ray Jr

Looks like a black clear Jr. The skeleton arm scared me until I remembered the Doc 3″.


Looks like this set is in tip-top shape.

Medical Staff Jr

The symbol of medicine. I for one and glad we progressed past snake therapy.

Policeman 3″

Anybody remember the beginning of Dragnet? Or at least the remake with Tom Hanks. That’s what this Police Shield reminds me of.

Handcuffs Jr

Book ’em. (Dan’o)

Police Dog Jr

Hope you don’t have anything illegal in your collection… he will sniff it out.

Blue Light Jr

This with the Red Light Jr represents the flashing lights on a cop car. Now, do they come together as a pair or is this a variant Jr???

Red Light Jr

This with the Blue Light Jr represents the flashing lights on a cop car. Now, do they come together as a pair or is this a variant Jr???

Judge 3″

We saw this symbol on the Occupations graphic and thought it might have been a Jr. But it’s not, it’s a 3″. So for all those Judges in your life, here’s the perfect gift.
(I still think it’s illegal)

Blind Justice Jr

Golden statue representing equal judgment for all. Notice the blindfold.

Courthouse Jr

Where the judge judges people.

Gavel Jr

Lots of power with this little hammer.

Dentist 3″

Check out this molar. Or maybe it’s some other tooth. Maybe if you give this to your dentist on your next visit he’ll use the good gas.

Dental Tools Jr

Open wide! Get ready for the pick and mirror.

Floss Jr

They know when you don’t use this.

Teeth X-Ray Jr

Beautiful smile… another Jr on a clear black Jr.

Chef 3″

This one was the hardest to determine. Check out the boiling water on the feet and the chef’s hat on the top half. Also beware of the knife on his arm.

Olive Oil Jr

Fry it up! And check out the nice pourer in the his left ear.

Pepper Mill Jr

This is peppers second Vinyl appearance.

Pan Jr

What’s cooking?
This one was just weird enough that we weren’t sure. It’s the back/bottom that finalized our name. What is that yellow thing on top? Thanks J for suggesting the name change

Call Center 3″

I used to have this job. The detail on this one is awesome. The phone pad is great. Check out the number that called. It’s a 407 area code. That’s right here in Florida. We’ll call tomorrow and check it out.

Hot Coffee Jr

I will need this Vinylmation EVERY morning. I like the steam in his head. Nice use of clear vinyl.

In Out Box Jr

You’ve got mail.

Paper Clips Jr

Lots of paper clips.

Business Suit 3″

We aren’t sure which occupation they were thinking with this one. Lawyer? Wall Street trader? Or just your regular business person.

Briefcase Jr

Lots of empty space left on this one.


Now if Vinylmation could only keep my
schedule and check the internet. He’s got a little plastic pen in his ear.

Pen Set Jr

Expensive desk set.

Fire Fighter 3″

A great representation of the hat and suit of the people who save our lives.

Dalmatian Jr

What? Only 1? Where are the other 100?

Fire Hydrant Jr

I can’t remember the last time I saw a red one. Ours are gray with another color.

Fire Symbol Jr

Straight forward. I couldn’t find this exact symbol anywhere else. The main symbols I found included a ladder.

Teacher 3″

An apple a day makes the teacher happy. Especially if you study the books she gives you.

A+ Paper Jr

I wonder if it’s college ruled? Check out the back, Gold Star!
Cursive Lesson Jr

Just say “Aa”.
Then around him are “Bb” “Cc” “Dd”.
Pencil Jr

This is the one I want. It’s so charming. You can even see a little “No. 2” on his left cheeck.

IT Tech 3″

This looks awesome. The screen and keyboard are the perfect gift for that friend who is really into computers.

Finger Click Jr

The familiar icon of a finger that we all associate with the mouse.

Thumb Drive Jr

A great representation of a thumb drive.
In case you were wondering, he’s 2 Gigs.
USB Cord Jr.

I like the simplicity of this figure.

Jr. photos from the Vinylmation Blog

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Need a movie executive one/advertising one! hehehe I like the FireFigther set. Although I probably won’t buy any for me, these make a great gift!


I think that “Pot Jr.” is actually “Pan Jr.” because the yellow thing in the middle looks like a block of butter. I don’t know much about cooking but usually when you cook out of a pan, you use oil or butter. That’s my opinion though. I could be wrong.