Park 6 Explained

Update: 3/28/11 Added pictures of the Chaser and all 4 variants; Donald (2) and WDW Road Sign (2). Learned of a WDW Road Sign variant with “Animal Kingdom” instead of “Magic Kingdom”. Learned the price should be $12.95. Found out Park 6 was already released, and possibly pulled back off the shelves at Disneyland Paris. Added link to the 9″ Park 6 figures. Big thanks to everyone who tweeted, commented, and emailed us about the news. Every once in a while our “real” jobs get in the way of 24/7 monitoring. But thanks to all our fans we always have someone close to the news! Thank you. Merci.

Update: 3/22/11 Release date of April 1st is confirmed at WDW Trading Event and on the Events pages at the Disney Vinylmation Blog. Added picture of the Matterhorn 9″. Added picture on set on display at WDW Trading Event.

Update: 3/9/11 Release date removed from the official site. April 1st now only a possible release date.

Update: 3/8/11 Release date announced as April 1st (no joke… hopefully). Added turn around pictures.

Update: 1/21/11 Added images from the 1/1/11 blog announcements from Disney. Includes, Primevil Whirl and Runaway Brain Mickey Combo Topper.

1/8/10 From the Disney Pin Site we get a sneak peak at the up coming Park 6 vinylmation series. Note: These pins should tell us some of the figures in the series, but they are usually a mixture of 3″ and 9″.

Norway Troll

Artist: Casey Jones

The large Troll in Norway’s Puffin’s Roost store located in the EPCOT World Showcase.

Hollywood Studios Clapboard

Artist: Caley Hicks

An icon representing Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Orlando, FL. The clapboard is the item used during filming of movies and TV shows that mark the beginning of a take.

Walt Disney World Road Sign

Artist: Thomas Scott

Depicts the colorful signs that point the way to the Theme Parks and Resorts around WDW.

Walt Disney World Road Sign Variant

Artist: Thomas Scott

The WDW road sign pointing to the Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Road Sign Variant

Artist: Thomas Scott

The WDW road sign pointing to the Other Guest Areas.
Wet Paint Donald

Artist: Mark Seppela

Donald from the old wet paint signs that used to be found around the Disney Parks. A trouble-making Stitch is found on the present day signs.

Donald Wet Paint Variant
Artist: Mark Seppela
A Variant with Orange paint instead of green.
Donald Wet Paint Variant

Artist: Mark Seppela

A Variant with purple paint instead of green.


Artist: Eric Caszatt

Monstro, from Pinocchio, swallows guests boats in the Storybook Land Canal at Disneyland.

Space Mountain Paris

Artist: Lin Shih

The Disneyland Paris version of the popular Disney attraction.

Orange Monorail

Artist: Dan Howard

Similar to the other monorails, just orange.

DCL Lifeboat

Artist: Randy Nobel

Chris (in the comments) said he spoke to an artist and that it represents the life rafts (boats) used by the Disney Cruise Lines. Based on the photos, I’d have to agree. Thanks Chris!

Sonny Eclipse

Artist: Maria Clapsis

Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe
Magic Kingdom

Adventureland Tiki

Artist: Casey Jones
Magic Kingdom

Primeval Whirl

Artist: Thomas Scott

Based on the Primevil Whirl Attraction from the Animal Kingdom

Mystery Chaser

Click on the Mystery Chaser to the left to reveal the chaser.

Runaway Brain Mickey

Park 6 Combo Topper
From the Runaway Brain Short

Park 6 set featured at WDW Trading Event
9″ Matterhorn on display at DLR
Photos courtesy of Disney, Ryan and Alex
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