Urban 6 Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 3/17/11 @zoekatherine sent us some pics of upcoming 9″ Urban 6 figures from DLR. We added those pics at the bottom, plus some Urban 6 Jumbo pins that might point to future 9″ Urban 6 figures. And we added a picture of the yellow two-tone Mickey combo topper.

Update: 4/8/11 Disney released official pictures of these figures. We posted those pictures and artist names.

Update: 3/4/11 Release date for Urban 6 announced as March 18th, 2011 at D-Street in Orlando and CA. The Urban 6 combo pack will also be released on the same day. No word on which Mickey will be part of the combo. “Sumo” by Doug Strayer was show in turn around.

Update: 2/20/11 We found new info about what seems to be the 9″ figures from this set (because we’ve seen the 12 3″s) Scroll down past the 3″s to see the 9″s.

Update: 2/6/11 We were reminded to take another look at a video on the Events page of the Vinylmation site and we finally got a shot of something new. Check out the bottom of this page for updates of new figures, as well as some updates to old ones. If you can figure out what else is new, let us know!

1/8/10 From the Disney Pin Site we get a sneak peak at the up coming Urban 6 vinylmation series. All of these are 3 inchers.

Combo Topper

This will be released the same day as the Urban 6 series
(March 18th). No idea what it will be, but most likely
will be a Mickey Mouse from a past movie or short.

Rumor says it will be a two toned Mickey like Urban 5
combo, but yellowish
Rumor was true, it’s a yellow two-tone Mickey…
similar to the brown two-tone Mickey from Urban 5.

1337 Mou53

Artist: Susana

Popular computer slang is the topic of this vinylmation. I’m not sure why they want us to “XLR8”? I enjoy the winking smile and the heart. Check out the “On the other hand” on one hand. On the other hand, lol, there’s a “high five”. As you see him leave, he’s politely says, “Bye for now” and “See you later”.


Artist: Maria Clapsis

Classic cactus, in a bowl, with a blossoming flower in the right ear. Also, on the back of the head, an owl.

Cry Baby

Artist: Adrianne Draude

Sounds noisy. Sorta boring. A weird yellow color. I think it’s diaper needs changing.

Ice Cream Sundae

Artist: Adrianne Draude

To go with the Cutester Cupcake. Love the cherry on top.

Nature Cycle (White)

What goes up, must come down?
This reminds be of the Water Cycle diagrams in middle school science class. There is a Blue background variant.

Side Mouse

Artist: Thomas Scott

Sorta a combination of Big Eye Mickey, and
Upside Down Mickey. Just twisted to the side.


Artist: Doug Strayer
Similar to the 2010 one of a kind Sumo Wrestler Pair by Quynh Kimball

Sunny Day

Artist: Thomas Scott

Sweepin Up… (wait, wrong copyright)
Check out the smile in the sun at the top.


Artist: Thomas Scott

We’ve actually already seen this at Trade City. It looks cool though, very motorcycle chic. And not one, but FIVE zippers! (If the price is $9.95, that’s only 2 bucks a zipper!)

Green Thumb

Artist: Doug Strayer

We also saw this one at Trade City. Freaky and weird. Perfect for Urban. I wonder if the fingerprint on the back is someones. There is a variant in blue. (Which is even freakier.)

Killer Queen Bee

Artist: Paola Gutierrez

This sneaky looking character has an antenna and a crown in the ears. Also, his arms are clear like wings (which is AWESOME). On the back is her beehive.

Weird Beak

Warning: 11 pictures were officially released by Disney. This figure is not one of them. But it is seen in the set on the video, so it might be the chaser.
Not really well seen. But this one reminds me of the Ostrich from Have-A-Laugh.

Update: 2/6/11
A Quick Look

From one of the videos on the Vinylmation Event Page, this snapshot shows Urban 6 vinyls. Below is some of the new figures we’ve gleaned from the shot.

On closer inspection it looks like the case has 12 figures, making it the set. Starting on the top left of the box, in order, Zipper, Nature Cycle, Sunny Day, and Weird Beak. Middle row from left, Sumo, Cactus, 1337 Mou53, and Side Mouse. On the bottom row from the left, Ice Cream Sundae, Killer Bee, Cry Baby, and Green Thumb. Now that I look at it more, the ones outside the case look like they are variants! 3 of them! Thanks to J we think there are now actually 4 variants. There is a clear orange one next to the yellow one. The only one it seems it could be would be a third version of 1337 Mou53.

Blue Thumb Variant

I don’t know what a blue thumb is, but there it is! The coolest of the variants IMHO.

1337 Mou53 Clear Yellow Variant

Clear Yellow figure. Looks like a variant of 1337 Mou53 or a similar design.

Also might have a Clear Orange Variant!

Nature Cycle (Blue) Variant

Blue variant of the Nature Cycle figure.

3/17/11 @zoekatherine sent us some pics of upcoming 9″ Urban 6 figures from DLR. In addition, we added the pics released this week on the blog as well as some Urban 6 Jumbo pins that might point to future 9″ Urban 6 figures.

Gumball Machine 9″/3″

This looks pretty cool, if they can get the dispenser effect to work.

Update: I don’t think the gumball effect or the dispenser effect works, but I do like the fact that this figure comes with a 3″ figure of a kid with a bubble that has blown up in his face. Check out the gumball hat for the “before” version of this 3″.

Viking 9″

I really like the hat. Not sure how I feel about the nipples.

Update: This one is starting to grow on me. I like the hat and the horns. The eyes still bug me a little, but I am really thinking of picking this one up.

Film Camera 9″

This figure has many markings on it that you would find on
a film movie camera. The foot reads “Images par Seconde 64”.
The head looks like an exposure meter.

(This is available in pin form as a Mystery Chaser LE 250
in the Urban 6 Jumbo pin set.)
Star Bright 9″

Very colorful. Shooting stars all around. This one reminds be of Super Mario Galaxy for some reason.

(This is available in pin form as a Mystery Chaser LE 250
in the Urban 6 Jumbo pin set.)
Love 9″

Colorful swirls against a white Vinylmation.
“Love” is written on the body with a Mickey Head for the “o”.

Angel (9″?)

A halo in the ear.
Will she have wings as an accessory?

“I’d love wings as an accessory, especially if they aren’t vinyl but some kind of lace of fabric. Also, I’d prefer if this and the Devil were a 3″ set instead of a 9″ one as it seems they probably are.”-M.C.

(This is available in pin form as a Mystery Chaser LE 250
in the Urban 6 Jumbo pin set.)
Devil (9″?)

Evil looking fellow.

“Looks a little too human for my likes. I’d prefer a more cartoon version, maybe something looking like Hades from Hercules.”-M.C.

(This is available in pin form as a Mystery Chaser LE 250
in the Urban 6 Jumbo pin set.)

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Kevin Tolentino
Kevin Tolentino

First and foremost, thanks guys for reading my question on the cast. I would love to see your collection, hopefully I can trade with you online, or somewhere. As for the video, funny story Haha, they shouldnt even have released this video, they spoiled some of the surprises for this year. Thanks for taking my advice Nick and MC. Yea I think there is 3 variants to this series, the texting one, the thumb one is weird though (it must be a topper or some scheme that disney is marketing in order to get more revenue, like a second style… Read more »


If you watch the actual video, you see an orange looking clear vinylmation to the right of the clear yellow variant. It is sort of hidden by the case, but could you maybe make a prediction for which figure this will be a variant of? look closely. Thanks