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Update: 8:30 PM As of now, Tailspin is sold out in the Disney Store.
Update: 3:11 PM Well, Disney went and changed the price on the blog they missed, so now it’s all gone.

We now know the answer as to why we had to wait so long to get Tailspin today. It’s because Disney needed the extra time to change the price to $26.95 from $24.95. They needed the extra time to go back and and change all the mentions of the price to $26.95 in their blog posts. They forgot one, the Disney Parks Blog still have the article, and it still had the original price.

We joked about it when Facebook was confused by the release date because they changed all previous mentions to March 2nd from the 5th. But then this snuck in while we were waiting and without much notice.

So does this mean the whole series will change price??

Update: 3:11 PM Maybe it will, minutes after we posted this, Disney went and changed the Disney Parks Blog. It now says, “$26.95” Uncool.

Let us know how you feel about this in the comment section of this post! (Please refrain from cursing however)

Thanks to Scuba Owl and Kermit528 for mentioning this!

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  • So after I ordered the Tale Spin set, I wrote an e-mail politely complaining about the price change and how the official blogs were altered literally minutes before the item was released and how that was not the service I expected from Disney, who, in my experience, are VERY good about customer services. I received an e-mail back the same day saying how sorry they were and they were going to send me a $5 gift card code to use online.

    I honestly would not have cared too much about $2, but that change then bumped up the shipping charges to the next price level, which irritated me.

    • I agree. The 2 bucks isn’t too bad, but it’s the fact that instead of just being up front about it, they went and tried to pretend like it had always been that way. I’m not sure why they thought we wouldn’t notice, that article on the Disney Parks Blog was only written the DAY BEFORE. As always, the cover up stings more then the initial issue.

      And wow, I didn’t think about shipping. I used the SHIPFIFTY coupon to get mine (I had to get two).

  • I sent an email to customer service at disneystore.com too. I said that I thought the way in which they changed the price was bad business and that they should have put up a blog post stating that they made an error. They responded and gave me a $5 gift card code also.

  • I also wrote a polite email about the last second price change and this is what they said to me:

    “We apologize for any confusion in our pricing and any inconvenience this has caused. However, the correct price should be $26.95.”

    Seems like they are fed up with people pointing out their shadiness.

  • Update- I just received my Tale Spin vinyls and the box is marked as 24.95 for anyone who wants to send a note to Disney.

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