9″ Muppets on the loose

On the Disney Parks Blog today, Steven Miller talked about the release of Muppets 2. Most of the information was not new to frequent readers of DV, however the images he included were! Confirmation of all 4 of the 9″ Muppets, 3-D Kermit, Animal, Gonzo (with Camilla), and Sam the Eagle. No word on edition sizes (but DV thinks they will be pretty big, think Toy Story 9″, unless they feel there are too many Toy Story 9″ left) and the release date is only known to be NOT April 15th. The artist is Monty Maldovan.

Kermit 3-D 9″

Originally the chaser for series 1, until they put a tux on him to celebrate the 55th anniversary, this design was kept over and blown up to be a 9″ figure for series 2. I really like the Muppets 3-D logo shirt, the Mickey Ears, and the 3-D glasses (which look so good I can’t tell if they are part of the paint or an accessory!) The second vinylmation to have 3-D glasses, it’s nice to see Kermit has upgraded to Polorized technology from 3-D Mickey’s red and blue anaglyph tech.

Animal 9″

Animal looks really good. I miss not having actual hair, but I do have to say the design is better then I expected (after having Celeste set the bar so high). The have all the details, from the drum stick, to the silver bracelets (it would have been cool to make them studded), to the rope belt. Very cool. As an ex-drummer I think I’m gonna have to buy this one.

Sam the Eagle 9″

Released June 24th
LE 1500

Check out his parioticness! The American flag in the background (the ears). Sam’s beak also looks really good from this angle. Using the (not for long) Mickey nose it really does almost look like a beak in this shot! Perfect eyebrow, and I also like the talons on the front, with one on the back.

The back of Sam gets it’s own row because of the special accessory. The tail! It’s been added and looks cool! I can’t wait to see it in person!
Gonzo 9″

Sold with: Camilla 3″

Well there wasn’t much they could do about Gonzo’s nose. But once you’re past that, the rest of this figure is pretty cool. I love his suit with the flower. I’ll miss not having a 3″ Gonzo for the moment, but I think this pairing is a great idea.

Camilla 3″

Sold with: Gonzo 9″

Gonzo’s love interest has followed him all the way to the vinylmation box. I really think this 3″ works, and would buy several if she came alone. Great job with this figure Monty!

I think this series will have me bending my “No 9” rule just a little. Ok, a lot. I want them all! What do you think? Forgetting the desire to have these chracters as 3″s (which I hope comes later) do these figures work for you? Let us know…

All pictures from disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/
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