A Look at the Star Tours “Mall Tours” First Stop

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Our good friend Jose Castillo caught the first stop of the “Star Tours” Florida mall tour at the Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida earlier today and has a number of photos of the special experience to share with us:

The set-up is fairly small, but packed in a pretty big crowd

This QR code will take you to the Star Tours mobile site, which you can access at this link

The site offers a quick look at the 6 announced destinations that the ride will travel to

4 wallpapers are available, and please keep in mind that just because there is a certain background behind a character, that is probably not where they are appearing

Take note of the Starspeeders from Star Tours rival companies in the background…

We were shown some of these ships as toys during Star Wars Celebration V

Back to the mall, Aly San San shows us postcards from the new destinations

Some familiar artwork on the walls

“THE “Y” IS FALLING!” Looks weird to me…

Jedi Mickey on hand to meet guests in front of a backdrop with several Starspeeder 1000’s

The preview footage that has been released thus far is up on the screens

Another backdrop with more Starspeeder 1000’s and the Millennium Falcon

C-3P0 and R2-D2 out to greet guests

While there is nothing too exciting on it, guests can visit StarToursPhoto.com to retrieve their photos from these meet and greets. So, nothing new to report, just a cool promotional tour to promote the opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 20th.

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