Adam Roth’s 4/21/11 WDW Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited The Magic Kingdom and Epcot yesterday and has a ton of newsworthy photos to share with us from his trip, so let’s take a look:

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I think you know where we’re going…

These billboards for Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom are up all over Orlando, I guess they are just reminding people…

Holy Epcot parking lot Batman…

Hope that WDI will finish work in the main plaza, because it just looks very plain right now…

“Gummi Bears, bouncin’ here an there and every where!”

Cinderella and Prince Charming out in Future World for the busy holiday week

Epcot has become a bit overgrown the last couple of years, some of the great sight-lines have been lost

Speaking of line-of-sight, keep this out of it…


It’s busy…

It’s really busy…

Where is the lost and found, because you must have lost your senses to wait in line for this…



Please switch it to closed…

Figment takes a nap since he not used to working this hard anymore

Some of the Imageworks is still walled-off

There was actually quite a few guests making their own Figment

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

And it’s Captain EO!


Welcome to 1986

A decent crowd

The keychain is cool, not so sure I want the glove…

Surely this line won’t be bad

Wrong again…

The VELCRO exhibit in Innoventions closed a few weeks ago, but it looks like the next tenant will be using the same exterior

It’s nice to see that those who bought Leave a Legacy plaques are not forgotten, these get replaced pretty regularly



It’s so bright I can barely see!

In record time, the TRONORAIL ZOOMS to the Magic Kingdom!

Here’s another look at the new color scheme on The Confectionary

Storybook Circus construction continues

No visible progress on The Barnstormer

The walls of the Dumbo queue actually look like walls now

Another look at the Dumbo walls

A look into the entrance area of the Storybook Circus

It’s a mess right now

Strawberry filled churro? Yes please!

Still closed…

Someone had to realize that lawyers would never allow a bouncy area with holes that sink into the ground to open

Eeyore must be out and about

Everything in this queue has held up pretty well


Hidden mickey…

Hidden Nautilus…

Hidden castle…

Beast’s Castle probably won’t change much from this point on, but things underneath it will

The Toontown pin cart lives on!

The rock-work next to Enchanted Tales with Belle is really taking shape

An overall look at the Beauty and the Beast realm

It’s hard to have a photo report without the Haunted Mansion these days

The Captain’s Tomb is in full-effect right now

The grass is still growing in up in the remodeled graveyard

LOVE the vines growing around the shovels!

I never noticed this was a door…

Let’s try one…

Really? That one was pretty bad…

A nod to a Spongebob Squarepants villain? Anyone get it? No? Fine… I’ll move on…

Rest in peace

I think the graveyard looks better than it did before


Time to eat


Park was packed, but these lines remain reasonable

A new sign has popped up inside since we last visited

Some new ear hats are available

The 40th anniversary ears have some small buttons on them

The area at the exit of Town Square Theater is no longer empty, it now has a desk for ear hat embroidery

Park was crowded, so guests were getting funneled through the backstage area

Eggs in the hedges? That’s the Disney difference

It is a very small touch, but it’s attention to detail

A really cool banner backstage to inform Cast Members of Mickey’s move

The interactive queue a the Haunted Mansion looks great at night

Oooooooooooo, it changes colors

The temporary bridge to Adventureland is history… as is this photo report…

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