Disney Store Update 4/22/11

Today at the Online Disney Store everything has gone as expected. The Sea Creatures, Muppets 2, and 9″/3″ Urban 6 Gumball Machine and Kid all appeared online this morning. As of this posting each of these is still available!

The 9″/3″ Urban 6 Gumball Machine and Kid by Caley Hicks and Maria Clapsis are an online exclusive for $74.95.

The Money Maldovan designed Muppets 2 series is available in two forms. As individual blind boxes for the “D-Street Price” of $11.95 (as opposed to the Disney Store price of $12.95). You can also purchase a whole case of 24 for $286.80.

All 12 of the Sea Creatures are up, and the price is only $9.95! This is the first available vinylmation using the new mold. They were designed by Billy Davis and will also be released at D-Streets later today.

Also available:
Toy Story Cases for $238.80 each
Villains Cases for $238.80 each
Holiday 2 Cases for $238.80 each
Animation 1 Cases for $238.80 each
9″ Park 5 Goofy’s Barnstormer for $44.95
9″/3″ Park 5 Mad Hatter and Dormouse for $74.95
9″/3″ Urban 5 Racecar and Driver for $74.95
9″ Create Your Own White for $14.99

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