It’s only $11.95 to get a Muppet 2

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Update: 9:15 PM First visual confirmation of $12.95 Disney Store Price. Thank you Sharon from Illinois and Cliff from Florida.

Update: 3:00 PM We got our Muppets 2 at D-Street. We’ve been hearing (see comments) that they are selling for $12.95 in Disney Stores. I just called our local store and they are saying the Muppets 2 sell for $12.95 (at first he said 9.99 but then he actually checked). So if you are close to a Disney Park, I’d head there if you’re getting a case!

With all the rumors spreading about the Muppets 2 price being $12.95, a lot of people were very disappointed. But today at D-Street when the boxes arrived, the price was only $11.95 (at D-Streets). Every little bit helps!

Update: The price seems to be $12.95 at Disney Stores.

(Nick also likes that the boxes have the 1 in the name crossed out and 2 is written in. See top left of the photo.)

What do you think of the price? Good? Bad? Fair?

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  • OYE! The Disney Stores in Ft Myers, FL and Schaumburg, IL were priced and sold at $12.95. Thanks goodness for the Disney Visa discount….but still very inconsistent. Just like the Afternoon Series. OYE!

  • I am not a fan of muppets, but I am concerned that now there are different prices depending on if you buy it at the park or at a disney store. I think that is a little ridiculous. Come on disney. Do you really need to charge two different prices for the same product. Will there be a different price if they are sold online??

  • The price disregards me, Ill end up trading for these. 12.95 is too much as disney stores tend to not line up their prices with the parks, sorry this is one of the few times they did this, 11.95 is not good to however its at least better than 12.95 Makes sense, these things are getting way outta hand, to many releases in one month. The craziness never ends

  • Here’s hoping that future series aren’t going to always be $12.95. More trading, less buying????

  • I wrote an e-mail to Disney. When the problem came up with the Tale Spin Set, they refunded me the difference, so I will post what their response is.

  • I called the Disney Store’s 1-800 number. They said the 12.95 price was an error and that if I take my receipt back to my local disney store, they will refund me the difference. If anyone wants the number it is 1-866-902-2798.

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