More Disney Afternoons Confusion on Price (Better Ending)

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Update: 4/9/11 Wow, I just looked at the price tag on a box a friend who was in line behind me bought. His box is priced at $26.95, but they only charged him $24.95. Once again I have to say thank you to D-Street for being very cool about this situation. It seems now that after I mentioned the price problem (I was the first one out of the store) that they quickly changed the price tags on the box. But, and this is the awesome part, it seems like they kept charging the $24.95 price for everyone who was in line that morning. I heard the price went back to actually being $26.95, but it seems only after the wait line had ended. Very cool Disney, very cool.

Update: Noon. We are hearing rumors that the price might be back up to $26.95, I guess they have a price gun at D-Street.

Nick and I both waited in line outside D-Street Florida today to get the Duck Tales set. We got to meet with a lot of people, including oft-commenter Claudia!, and talk some vinyl. Once inside the store we picked up our Duck Tales set and noticed something interesting.

The price tag read $24.95. I was excited, because I was expecting to pay more, until I noticed they had rung me up for $26.95. Unlike the Tail Spin problem, D-Street graciously offered to refund my money. When I went back a little later, they did mention that the price when scanned had been changed back to the $24.95. Thank you Disney for staying true to the price tag! As of this post, the Art of Disney site still has this:

I appreciate the speed and easy of this solution, but it does bring to mind, why (after a month) are these sets still being released with the wrong price tags? And why, if they were already priced, did Disney go and change the price?

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This proves that you should ALWAYS be careful when items are rung-up at the register, because not paying attention can cost you (literally). I had so much fun waiting in line to get this awesome set! Meeting new people, and chatting with Vinylmation addicts like myself was a great way to spend 3 hours in line. Would definitely do it again and again. Also, I was able to get Mr. Toad (annual pass holder exclusive–it was behind the registers). I asked a cast member to see if they were available (long sold-out), and I was so happy when she told… Read more »