Sea Creatures Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 4/11/11 More pictures added. The Lobster has claws and the Shark and Dolphin have a fin! We learned the designer of Sea Creatures is Florida-based artist Billy Davis. Also, check out our article on the new mold design here: “Mickey’s Modified Mold” And the new removable feet feature: “Best Foot Forward” We also got official names for every creature.

Lobster Claw Shark Fin Dolphin Fin

Update: 4/9/11 Yellow Fish now named Raccoon Butterflyfish. Thanks to the mysterious biologist who whispers knowledge in the middle of the night! As thanks to her, added the name of Powder Blue Tang and Eagle Ray.

4/8/11 teased the Sea Creature set today. Here’s a look at the box sides and then analysis of the set afterward. They also announced a release date of April 22nd in D-Streets Florida and California. So a week after Muppets 2 comes these guys! No word on artists yet.

We got lucky, they showed us the side of the box, so we have some idea of the whole set, well, unless they release a Blue Whale 9″ or something!

Bottlenose Dolphin

The mouth says it all. Especially because it’s placed on the nose, so from the side it will stick out! Here’s hoping there’s a blow hole on back, and eyes on it’s sides.

Brain Coral

Take a look at it. It looks like a brain. Hense the name!

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Because that’s what Disney called it. :)

Raccoon Butterflyfish

There are waaaaay to many species of fish out there in the world! (Also thanks to Eric in the comments)

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

I love the beak. I can’t wait to see the shell on the backside.

Blacktip Reef Shark

A must buy. The shark has a fin on top!

Maine Lobster

Look at the Lobster’s hands! They modified the Mickey hands to give this figure claws. Love this one. Reminds me of the Amanda show. Dancing Lobsters anyone?

Giant Octopus

A bit like the Jelly Fish. I wonder if it squirts ink?

Freshwater Puffer Fish

These guys are really cool.

Powder Blue Surgeonfish

The blue fish from the side of the box, this is another fish that will make more sense from the side!

Spotted Eagle Ray

According to our expert, at this level of fuzziness, this could be the gray and spotted Eagle Ray. The triangle part on the nose also seems to follow this prediction.

Humpback Whale

It might be a Humpback Whale jumping out of the water. The fins could even be the arms!

Vinylmation Pics from Blog
Animal photos from a Google image search

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