ZoMG: Cutesters Too Donut Ear Hat and Eclair

My mom and I went down to Disneyland in search of this hat! We went to every store we could think of and finally after an hour search, we found the hat! After doing some research, we learned that the hat was put on the floor by accident but we were lucky enough to buy one before they realized the error.

The Jr that comes with it is the clear one on the right, on the left is another Jr with a keychain I had from a Vinylmation Cutesters 1 handbag!

My boyfriend, Tyler, figured out that the figure was cream filled (Eclair) because of the pictures I added you can see there is filling on the bottom of the feet and the top of the head!! On the bottom we saw that the artist is Maria Clapsis, who designed all the figures in the Cutesters Too series.

Overall I love the set, it is adorable!!
Oh! And the price was $69.95 (a bit higher then usual I think.. Maybe because of the Jr?)

What do you think?


All pictures by DV Reporter Zoe
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