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I am very torn about how to feel about reading this news on April 11th on the Disney’s Vinylmation Blog. I am so sad they are changing the original shape, that made us all fall in love with Vinylmation in the first place; but in the same breath, I also love the idea of making the actual Vinylmation canvas easier to apply designs to, because then we will get better quality Vinylmation! I completely understand the changes, but wish they had kept the buttons, or even just the nose shape (it seems a bit more flat now).
After looking at these changes, one of the first things I noticed was that the actual shape of the Vinylmation seems smoother and a bit fatter. I understand making it smoother because this way the application of paint on the figure is easier which can make the designs more accurate and with fewer flaws. The Vinylmation Blog showed us an example by giving us a sneak peek at a new Pirate Vinylmation. The figure looks brighter and you can see a lot more detail on this new smoother looking face! I don’t want to judge completely until I can see this new shape in person but so far I think that these figures are going to keep getting better and better!! (And I love the Pirates hat!! Great touch!)
Also changing are the hands. I love that the Sea Creature set is going to feature a lot of the new changes such as the claw hands and the fins on the Dolphin and Shark figure. I have been looking forward to this series because I am a huge Little Mermaid fan and anything ‘under the sea’ I have to have it. I am looking forward to seeing the new Vinylmation shape on April 22nd when the Sea Creatures are released!
Another new feature is that the feet are going to be detachable. I love this idea! Not only can Vinylmation artists get a ‘clean crisp look’ like they explained on the Blog, but the artists can now design around the bottom of the belly! For people who like to create their own customs this is going to add a whole another level! I can’t wait (Although they haven’t announced the change to CYO yet). I also got very excited when reading that these new feet will add to “future accessory opportunities”. I think accessories are such a fun touch to Vinylmation and now with the new hand design they will be able to hold accessories better and also with the new feet will be able to attach new things! The possibilities are endless.


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  • I like the removable feet. i think that was a nice upgrade. but that also seems to be the primary spot that disney points to as “it’ll make it so much easier, and prettier” — and i agree. i think it will make for cool details on the feet. however, i still hold that we’ve lost a great deal of what makes these figures undeniably “mickey”… the nose, the buttons… even if we lost the outline (which i would’ve still like to keep), these features would help keep the mold ring true. I’ve never thought “how sad, if only this nose was really rounded, this figure would look so much better.” i’ve always been satisfied with the face art.

    It’s funny, I tweeted to DV about how Sea creatures seemed to be not done as well, now i realize it was because i was seeing the new mold. i guess mickey is 80+ years old…. he had to let himself go a little at some point.

    as an artist, i started collecting them because i liked some of the Urban figures. I kept collecting because it was on mickey. i feel like that’s been lost.

  • I totally agree. It just doesn’t seem like Mickey to me. It seems like a blob. The shape is fatter, or rounder, or something. I just don’t think Mickey when I see it. Really sad. They change the mold and raise the prices. Who knows whats next.

  • Nooo!! wait since they are holding off on releasing the star wars series do you think those will change as well?

    • The Star Wars release is a re-release and the figures are already made. I seriously doubt they’d go and remake them just to make that change.
      Now Star Wars 2 is a different matter entirely.

      However, I’d enjoy stormtrooper boots! :)

  • I agree the removable feet and the new arms are good. But, the missing Mickey features has ruined it for me. I can just imagine putting these on the shelf next to the old figures and needing to explain why the new “improved” figures look cheaper, less refined and lack the Mickey features. All in all this seems like a money grab from Disney, ditch the cards, hike the price, cheapen the mold, and collect the increased profits. Disappointed to say the least, I really think I’m done after the muppets set, I was looking forward to making our collection bigger and expanding into more bookcases…but I just can’t convince myself that the new mold is an improvement. The new designs would have to be mind blowing to convince me otherwise.

  • I agree with VinylTiki, this new mold has completely ruined collecting for me, I am done collecting vinylmations as of the release of the new mold, it really saddens me to say that :(

  • Hey guys go to Facebook and enter “stop the new mickey vinylmation mold” and tell them how you feel.

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