ZoMG: Urban 7 and Animal Ear Hats

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My mom and I were in the park today doing some trading and we stopped by the Mad Hatter shop on Main Street at Disneyland. Looking into the window I found some new and exciting things, such as 2 brand new Vinylmation Urban #7 Ear Hats! As well as one Muppets #2 Ear Hat!! I had to get all three so I could show everyone whats inside!

Milk and Cookies Ear Hat – Urban #7

First off we have the Milk and Cookies set which is my favorite! The hat looks like a milk carton on the top with the words Milk on the front with a little Vinylmation shape, and has chocolate chip cookies as the ears and the right ear has a bite taken out of it. On the sides it says ‘Vinylmation Dairy Products’ (too cute!)

The 3 inch is a chocolate milk carton! I love the details on this figure!! It has Vinylmation Farms on the top as where the milk is from and also a little Vinylmation shaped cup of chocolate milk on the front!

If you look at the back of this figure, it has the nutrition information, my favorite part is where it says, 100% Vinylmation!

The Jr. for this set is a chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of the ear! (like the ear hat)

This set is so well done! This is one of my favorite ear hat sets made so far! This set is by Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks.

Please Stand By Ear Hat – Urban #7

The ear hat looks like a test pattern, with TV antenna on top! The left ear says, Please Stand By and the right ear looks like static.

The 3″ that comes with this set looks like a remote pointed at a TV set. The backside of this Vinylmation is the TV remote batteries with the TV on top. I love the way that they made this figure! The arms and ears are clear where there is no design so you can really see the artwork.

The Jr. for this set is a little battery!
This set looks great all together and the 3 Inch is so well done! This set is by Thomas Scott and Maria Clapsis.
Animal Ear Hat – Muppets #2

I love this!! This set is definitely the most stand out! Anyone that loves Animal and the Electric Mayhem will definitely need this for their collection! My boyfriend is a drummer and loves Animal so he will be very excited to see this set!

The ear hat for this set is Animal! I love the way that Monty designed this set! Animal’s ears says Rock and Roll and the entire hat is animals face! I love the addition of the hair and the nose!

The 3″ for this set is perfect! It represents Animal’s drum set! And his ears are cymbals! The backside of this figure has a star as well as the band logo of a tooth with wings!

The Jr. for this set is all black with a red mouth!

This is such a fun ear hat set! One of the brightest and most stand out that I have seen!

This set was done by Monty Maldovan!

I was so excited to get these hats today and I hope everyone is excited to see these new upcoming designs! This makes me even more excited for upcoming 9″ Muppets 2’s as well as a sneak peek at what we can expect in Urban #7!!


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Great report Zoe! Thanks so much for the pictures. I wasn’t a fan of the first few (Urban 4/5) Vinyl/Hat combo’s but they are really creating some fun & unique designs now. I hope I can add all three of these to our collection, I’ll definetly pick up the Milk & Cookies one!


I am in love with the milk and cookies hat combo! I really like the TV set one too. I will definitely be buying these when they come out!


I told myself I would never buy the ear hat vinylmation combo, but after this I might have to break my promise and buy all three. Thanks for the update!

Out of curiosity, are the ear hats have in limited quantity?