Adam Roth’s 5/4/11 WDW Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Pop Century Resort on Wednesday, and luckily for us, he took a TON of newsworthy photos:

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Sounds Dangerous has made the board, but Star Tours is still closed too

Someone showed up a little early to camp out for Star Tours…

Construction of the Carthay Circle Theater is moving along really quickly…

As well, the face has been lifted on to Mickey’s Fun… never-mind, wrong park…

Public works out and about

Glad the kids are entertained by a watch…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Hollywood Studios Vice President Rilous Carter shares a conversation with an eager young guest about Star Tours, which he had just walked through

The exterior does look quite different now

The new billboard was installed

Plenty of high-ranking officials around…

But not a soft-opening in sight

The new sign looks great!

A much smaller reference to the attractions place in the park’s story

Another look at the new billboard

Expect this to be replaced with a FASTPASS distribution sign any day now

Time to take a trip back to 1989…

You were warned…

Back at Star Tours, the remaining facade of the old store “Endor Vendors” has survived

“Nope, I didn’t just see Star Tours…”

MAter is out alone on the Streets of America while Lightning and the meet and greet get a remodel

Card shark

Haven’t been in here in a while

Mr. Potato Head has a bad case of green eye

Pavement on Sunset Boulevard is being fixed, but such a nice construction wall to cover it!

Great detail!

That’s a lot of orange ads…

Where could this new TRON reference be?

The Walt Disney Records: On The Road booth has replaced some of the Disney Channel albums

Much better choices!

A Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster snowglobe? AWESOME

Work continues on the lower level of Tower of Terror

WHAT? ADAM GOT TO RIDE STAR TOURS!!! Damn you 5th dimension…

A giant Cars Vinylmation has been put on display at Villains in Vogue

Moving over to Pop Century…

Balloo and Mowgli are still being worked on

Work continues on Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Construction trailers

The frames with the windows have been installed since last time we visited

Some buildings aren’t even close…

This appears to be the Cars wing

The mountain range of Ornament Valley peeks up over the building

Work continues on the main building

Back at Pop, Balloo need a new deodorant

After a long photo report, I get a little hungry…

Chipolte Shrimp Flatbread

A trip is not complete without tie dye chessecake

and bagel chips and hummus? You can have those…

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Can someone fill me in on the number 12 associated with Star Tours. Was it the 12th attraction to open?


It is Soundstage 12 at the Studios


Can someone fill me in on the #12 associated with Star Tours. Was it the 12th attraction to open?


what are they doing to the carthay circle theater?


Nothing, we were making a joke about the structure currently being built at Disney California Adventure


The first photo of the mattresses was hilarious! And great caption.

I love how you included more about Pop Century and the continued construction of Art of Animation property. We all get hungry at the end of a long day and the pictures of food are excellent because I didn't know Pop Century had Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread. How much was the flatbread?