Disney Online Store Report: May 17

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Welcome Vinylmation fans.  This is the third edition of the DSO, Disney Store Online, report.  This week there are, not surprisingly, quite a few additions and subtractions to the DSO, with additional Combo Packs, mystery boxes, and quite a few 9”s added.

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Popping up this week is the Park 6 Combo Pack with Runaway Brain Mickey, designed by Monty Maldovan (Muppets 2).  It’s priced at $24.95.  Although the Topper Combos have made their stays for a while recently, there’s no knowing when these will disappear again.
New to the DSO is the Urban 4 Sushi 9”, designed by Maria Clapsis (Cutesters Too).  With a LE of 600 and seeming to be fairly popular, it’s unlikely this will be available for long.
Almost hidden on the DSO are two brand new Animation 9”s, both priced at $39.95.  In order to find these Vinylmations you need to search for “animation” in the search bar. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED UNDER VINYLMATION AS OF YET.  (Beast can also be found but is sold out as noted later)  The first of these 9”, designed by Thomas Scott (Lead Vinylmation Designer) and from Disney’s Fantasia, is the anticipated Hyacinth Hippo.  Hyacinth is a LE of 1200.
The other Animation 9”, designed by Maria Clapsis and from the Make Mine Music segment “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met,” is the upward looking  and singing Willie the Whale.  Willie is a LE of 1000.
Newly introduced, as of around midnight on May 13th, Thomas Scott’s Sushi set is priced at $99.95 and is a LE of 2500.
Urban 6, also making its introduction recently, is up with individual mystery boxes at $11.95 each.  Still no trays as of yet.
Relatively new to the DSO are the Sea Creature individual open boxes, all of which are available for $9.95.
Muppets 2 stepped onto the online shelves with both individual mystery boxes, at $11.95, and the usual 24 tray, for $286.80.
The first of the Urban 6 9”s, the Gumball Machine 3” combo designed by Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks, is a LE of 1000 is available on the DSO for $74.95.
The less popular Clear mystery boxes are now back online and at a discounted price of $5.99, $3.96 off their original price.  Perhaps the sale will spike some newfound interest. An alternative option to simply collecting the clear series would be treat them as another version of Create-Your-Owns. Now you can make your own Obi Wan Kenobi Ghost Variant instead of paying $300+ for him on eBay. ;-)
The Park 3 mystery boxes are up online again and at the discounted price of $5.99.
The entire open box TRON series is back online at $9.95 apiece.
The whole open box The Nightmare Before Christmas series (including the chaser Pumpkin King!) is also up again for $11.95 each.
Both the Urban 5 & 6 Topper Combos, with two-tone Mickeys are available for $24.95.
The unique Create-Your-Own Glow in the Dark 3” Vinylmation is up online once again for $8.95.
The Ticket Book LE of 1955 (symbolizing the year Disneyland opened) is a 6 piece Vinylmation plus one pin set, priced at $99.95, and is surprisingly back up online!
Lastly for the Comebacks, the 3” Figure and Pocket Watch combo, modeled to the upcoming Steamboat collection, is again available at $150.00.
Price Variants:
Newly discounted are the Urban 3” individual mystery boxes, priced down from $9.95 to $5.99.
Sell Outs:
Unfortunately within the time of beginning and ending the writing of this article, Animation’s 9” Beast, designed by Monty Maldovan and from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, has already sold out online.  Beast is a LE of 1000.
Also within the time of writing this report, the Animation 1 Combo with Simba, priced at $24.95, has sold out.
The 2011 series’ Black Tossed, which was available for $11.95, is no longer available.
After being online for only a few days, the Junior 3 mystery box series, priced at $8.95, is gone from the DSO.
Up and Coming:
Hopefully still on schedule for May 20th is the release of additional Urban 6 9” figures.  These can be found under the 9″ Urban 6 Vinylmation: The Complete List report.  The solo 9”s will be priced at $39.95.

That concludes this edition of the DSO Report Vinylmation fans.  Feel free to leave questions/comments about sections you want explained further, product descriptions/explanations, or simply anything miscellaneous.

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