First look at Star Tours from Cast Member Previews!!! (Updated)

Well as usual WDW News Today is working hard to bring you the up to the date information on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (or 3D, or II depending on what you like to call it). We were able to speak to a number of cast members who have participated in the Cast Member Previews and reconstruct the queue and ride experience from the bits and pieces that we have put together. Note this IS reliable source information but from multiple sources. It reflects info from people who have experienced the attraction but there may be gaps as it is from multiple sources. We will continue to update you as we get more information from our team covering the events in Walt Disney World. Oh and beware I have a bad feeling about the SPOILERS ahead!

Here is what we have so far:


  • The first queue room is mostly the same, the screen is now HD and shows weather reports, destination previews, and a look at Starspeeder 1000.
  • The Goose droids are now screening luggage in the second queue room. However on a sad note the droid room song is gone!
  • As luggage goes through the scanner, projections show what’s inside. Some items inside include Wall-E, a Stormtrooper helmet, and an ewok doll among other items.
  • 3 to 4 models of our former pilot RX-24 are now in that room, each a different color. They each have a tag saying they are defective!
  • A body scanner is now located at the end of the room. The other goose droid makes a comment about you passing through.
  • Loading area is essentially the same except for new lighting and signage, the updated pre-show is presented on two HD screens above.


  • Pre-show has Aly San San (the new Spokes-Droid voiced by Allison Janey) providing all the spiels in English and Spanish. The guests in the cabin was a shot for shot remake of original pre-show.
  • The cast member chooses who will be the rebel spy or princess that will be “caught” when the ride begins. We suggest you try kissing up.
  • During the pre-show, C-3P0 comes to inspect the Starspeeder cabin, has a discussion with pilot, then asks him to leave. (I’ve got a bad feeling about this)

Ride Experince (Updated 5-14 4:30pm)

  • Guests board and are seated, the starspeeder takes off with reluctant pilot and a view of the Millennium Falcon. Guests are then ambushed!
  • You escape the ambush by jumping to lightspeed, bringing you to you your first destination.
  • The riders we spoke to then ended up on either Hoth or Kashyyk. There’s a battle on Hoth and you get chased on Speeder-bikes in the latter.
  • You go to space and get a transmission. The riders we spoke with were given a message by Admiral Ackbar or Princess Leia.
  • Princess Leia says “help me Star Tours, you’re my only hope!”. Next, R2-D2 then jumps to lightspeed without C-3P0’s permission.
  • The riders we spoke with then either entered final scenes in the Death Star, on Naboo, or Coruscant.
  • The Death Star scene ends with a Boba Fett chase through the asteroid field.
  • Naboo has a giant fish attack.
  • Coruscant has a giant battle in the sky between the Trade Federation and the Clone Troopers. You barely escape from a huge crashing ship!
Well Thats about it from the cast preview of Star Tours stay tuned as we get more updates from Destination D, The Pixar Weekend, The Opening of star tours and more!
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