Journey Into Imagination with Figment Gets Some Upgrades? Really?

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It may be very hard to believe, but Walt Disney World poured some money into Epcot’s long troubled Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction. The ride has been so well known for malfunctions over the last few years that some guests started making a game of counting them (OK, that was us). In the following video, you’ll see short explanations of what’s new or fixed in the attraction. It may be hard to believe, but nearly every effect in the ride is back in working order, or dare I say, looking better than ever:

If this was not enough, the temporary walls blocking guests from now closed Kodak exhibits in Imageworks have been made a little more permanent. A “Simon” type game has been installed on these walls for guests to play:

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With rumors having circulated for years that this attraction was in for a major overhaul, we have to wonder if these upgrades mean than this attraction will be with us for a little while longer. While the attraction does look the best it ever has, it still is only drawing small crowds and it probably still not going to be a guest favorite. Only time will tell what is in the future for this attraction, so stay tuned to WDW News Today as more becomes available on this breaking story.

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