Kidada Disney Store Release- NYC Edition

Our reader, The Playwright, was at the Times Square NYC store for the opening of the Kidada section of the Disney Store. Here are some pictures that were taken from the trip.

The first floor looks like it is still under construction, but as the sign says, “There’s plenty of Magic upstairs.”

This is the 9″ box from the front. We’ve seen this image a lot, but it still retains the “New Flavor” starburst.

Here’s the back of the box. Kidada’s logo is interesting. It’s got a Giraffe as a central part of it.

Check out the side of the Kidada 9″ piece. Lots of fun details about the production including this Nutrition Label.
That’s right, this piece covers 100% of your daily allowance for Girly Fun, Vinyl Perfection, as well as the Vitamins C(ollective), D(elicious), and A(dorable)!

Taken thru the box, this is the Artist’s Card. (So these still have them, I wonder how long it will take to completely stop them)

The 9″ was on display with Kidada’s other recently released items, the Wish-a-Littles.

All pictures from The Playwright

They are pretty adorable themselves. According to a tweet last night, @evilosart also seem to like them.

We’d like to once again thank The Playwright for these pictures from NYC. What are your thoughts on today’s release. Also look for a similar post from the left coast coming soon!