Max Guggenheim’s 5/16/11 DLR Photo Report

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DLNT Reporter Max Guggenheim was at The Disneyland Resort today and he was able to capture quite a bit of newsworthy photos to share…

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Starting off in DCA, taking a quick look at the Mermaid building

Performance today on the Palisades Stage

Cars Land from The Golden Zephyr

Billboards are up on Sky School

Even some props

Trees have been planted in Paradise Gardens

Looks like painting has begun on Pizza and Pasta

More Sky School pictures from the Fun Wheel

The exterior mural has been painted on… Looks like just clouds so far

Cars Land

Just wow…

Carthay Circle Construction

New turnstiles looking almost done

Over in Disneyland, Star Tours had CM previews today

Quick look inside the refurbished Star Trader

Angelica and Captain Jack Sparrow were out in New Orleans Square today

Star Tours poster under the Train Station

Not really breaking news, but Max was able to get some very nice photos of some of the new segments in the Animation Building

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Thomas Dagger
Thomas Dagger

love this!!! is king triton on the outside of the little mermaid the same one that was in king triton's garden over by tomorrowland???? i know he's in the same position


To Thomas Dagger:
Yes, the King Triton bronze statue was resurrected from the old Ariel's Grotto that was at Disneyland. Nice to see the old guy found a second life at DCA.