Spotlight On: Vinylmation Custom Artist Cesar Diaz

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As part of today’s Star Wars celebration we have a very special Star Wars themed custom to show! Custom Vinylmation Cesar Diaz from California, who created a great looking LOST set, just finished a 9” Star Wars Tusken Raider. We talked to him recently about this design.

Destination Vinylmation: Tell us about the process of conceptualizing a figure like this? Does it start with a 2D drawing, or do you pencil right onto the Vinylmation?

Cesar: All the vinyls I create always start off as a drawing on paper. The final vinyl always ends up looking a tad different than the 2D version. More detail it seems.

DV: There is a ton of detail in this figure. Was the idea always to add accessories, such as the horns and the weapon?

Cesar: Oh of course! In my head I always saw him that way. What’s a Tusken without his staff?

DV: What is the staff made out of?

Cesar: The weapon is a combination of wood, super sculpey and craft foam. Oh and a old black t-shirt for wrapping the staff.

DV: Why did you choose the Tusken Raider and do you have plans for more characters from the Star Wars universe?

Cesar: My original plan was to do a Sand Trooper. When I told my friend the idea he said a Tusken Raider would look so much better. And you know what? He was right! As for more Star Wars characters, I do plan to make more 9″ ones. I already made a 3″ Greedo to go with Han Solo.

DV: Even going back to the LOST series, you always seem to make fantastic use out of the Vinylmation’s ears. Was that part of the canvas ever a challenge for you, or do you enjoy using your creativity to make the ears work?

Cesar: I’m the kind of artist that believes in making things work with what you got. I will never alter the vinyl in anyway. If I ever do, it stops becoming a vinylmation. The ears are always a challenge. Part of creating something is solving the problems it comes with.

DV: As an artist, what are your first impressions of the new Vinylmation 3″ mold and do you want to see that form come to create your owns?

Cesar: I’m actually a bit disappointed in the new mold. I really hate the fact that the new mold has no nose and no buttons. It is now a semi looking Mickey. If they changed the hands but kept the same body, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But I also believe in “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I understand why they did it. And I am curious to try the new mold.

DV: What’s next for Cesar?

Cesar: Well….I have a grip of vinyls lined up to create. My next 9″, which I’m creating right now is going to be pretty cool. I wish I could create vinylmations for a living. But for now, customizing will do just fine.

DV: Cesar, thank you for you time today. Where can people see more of your customs?

Cesar: If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of my work, please visit my website at

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Nick Jerabek
Nick Jerabek

I always get so excited when I first see all these great customs because I think they’re new vinylmations coming out. When I then read the heading to find out that they’re one of a kinds, I’m always a little dissapointed :-). They’re all still amazing though.