Sushi Bar now open at

Update: 5/13/11 10 AM Looks like the Sushi Set is back up on Get yours before they are sold out again!

Update: 5/1/11 Sushi sets still available at D-Street Florida. According to DV reporter Zoe, they are also still available at D-Street California.

Update: 5/1/11 Sushi is sold out online. We will check D-Street later today.
Served up fresh by one of Vinylmation’s top chefs, Thomas Scott, is the highly anticipated Sushi 8 piece set.

Screenshot from
Sushi is also available today at both D-Streets. According to the online listing, this set is LE 2500. That agrees with initial reports, but contradicts the flyer inside D-Street.

Update: 11:35am EST Steven Miller at Disney has confirmed the number. This is a limited edition of 2500. It is also, of course, printed LE 2500 on the packaging.

For all the details and up close pictures of this set, check out our Sushi Vinylmation Explained page.

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