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Update: 5/20/11 @VinylKonrad snapped this pic for us. It seems that there might have been two different prices for the pieces in two different stores. But at least one of theme was selling it for $11.95, so make sure you get them at that price. Saves you $24 bucks!

Update: 5/21/11 At the trade show we ran into Claudia and she said that they had gone back and checked, and that it seems the store closest to the Star Tours ride was selling them at a different price than the Jabba store that was at the other end of the studios. Many other people also confirmed the lower $11.95 price. Interesting…. Can anyone else chime in?

Update: According to grumpychef25 he bought a boxes for $11.95. We will look into this more.

According to reader Claudia, they are selling the Star Wars vinylmation at $12.95 a box, instead of the $11.95 they were sold at back when they first were released in January.

Can anyone else confirm this?

What do you think? I know several of us were very surprised and happy to see the price at $11.95 the day of the release. I wonder why they changed it…

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  • I bought a case at the Jabba store yesterday, they were 11.95, where is hte 12.95 coming from?

    • Last night/this morning At tatooine traders during the star tour meet up. I Asked three different cast members who all gave me the same price which I openly disputed (they were firm on their $310 for the case of 24.

      • I finally found the Star Wars Vinylmation case of 24 for $287 at Jabba Hut (tucked behind the Aerosmith Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios). But Tattoine Traders still had them for $310 pre-tax). I know it is only one dollar increase per vinyl, but when you are buying a whole case, it adds up very quickly. Just not sure why one store would have it at a different price from another store (all in the same park)?????

    Great Job Disney!! Release something and then raise the price. Wonderful!

  • Disney apparently held onto as many boxes of Star Wars Vinylmatins as they could so they would later re-release them at a higher price.

    Not fair, and not good business practices, especially for those who were quoted a different price just a few weeks back by cast members on the Disney Merchandise Phone Line.

    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  • To me a $1.00 more for these is no big deal. They are one of the best series ever made. Thats just my opinion, im sure its an unpopular one but still will pick up a case.

    • But if it’s just a $1, then when will it stop. Will we all eventually be paying $19.95 for these things?

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