Trading Locations Updated

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I want to thank everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Email and Comments to the site who gave us updated info on the trading locations found throughout WDW, DLR and the world. We appreciate the pictures of any of the locations we were missing. Please continue to help us keep the Trading Locations section of our site updated.

In case you are new to trading or the Trading Locations page… you will find a detailed explaination of how trading works at Disney locations, Disney’s official trading rules, Maps and Pictures of all the locations and what kind of trading they have at each location.

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  1. Thanks for the update. My wife, 3 year old daughter and I just started collecting, any word on possible trading at Disney stores for those of us who don’t live near the parks?

    1. We have heard it rumored that it could happen as soon as May! So as soon as we hear, we’ll let ya know!

      1. Thanks for the great info. I talked to the local store and they gave me a nod and a wink that trading was coming soon. I’ll let you guys know when it happens and all the details.

  2. trading is getting on my nerves now at dlr and d street the cast members that do it are very rude and they change the rules pertainnig to the different locations i dont get it i mean we are spending 10 plus dollars on these items and al we want to do is have a lil fun when trading but no they need to post a list of guidelines for trading
    ps i need hula minnie from have a laugh lol

  3. I dont like the transition for most of the stores to the 15 mystery trade box from the 24 mystery trading box, though some stores do carry it though, which is great in my mind . Gives the trader less interest and better yet, less choices to choose from when trading with a cast member. However, its an easy and efficient way for cast members to trade with guest but most likely you would get the figure you want. Also, I like the various experiences you can have with cast trading, some stores do a mystery bag like you mentioned :), when the box breaks, I happened to pull out a stitch last time I went to the better experiences with the 2-3 chances in the mystery box, One from the mystery box doesnt cut it for me, especially if you happen to choose the same on and its a 1/24 shot to get something you would want!!!! and some cast members follow that tendency as well because of the rules. If the company/team realizes that cast trading is better at 2 chances than 1, it would make it more interesting and appealing to those who can make it through the day with getting a better figure than a clear or a big baby.

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