Urban 7 Explained

Update: 7/23/11 Added Combo Topper and Green Cyclops Variant.

Update: 6/4/11 Updated the Alien with the two forms, clear and solid.

Update: 5/24/11 Release date of July 22 announced for the 3″ Urban 7 series. And we got this picture of the back the U7’s “Dizturbed” head:

VMHC? “VinylMation Hard Core” suggests one of our readers Chris.

Update: 5/21/11 9 figures from the upcoming Urban 7 set were on Display at the WDW Trade Show last night. We have the pics below.

Update: 5/13/11 Thanks to Hannah we have artist names for this series!

5/12/11 The Urban 7 Vinylmation pin set has been released, so we have a sneak peak to 9 of the 12 figures that will be in the Vinylmation figure set. Thank you to @igotlost for sending us the picture of the packaging.

Urban 7 Combo Topper

I actually like this one. The color works for me. Seems like a Metal Mickey (like one of the exclusive Pop Vinyl for Comic Con)
Thanks to J for the heads up.
The combo topper will be available from D-Streets and online on August 5th.

Artist: Thomas Scott

Mystery solved. We know know what set this classic alien figure is in. However there are at least two versions. A solid green and a clear green. One is the variant.

Zombie School Girl
Artist: Lin Shih

She is a very preppy, nerdy girl design. But also the coloring is odd and no eyeballs. Is she a zombie nerd girl? Will those glasses be a removable accessory?

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Artist: Casey Jones

A delicious looking Vinylmation. Like the meatball ears. It would be cool if there was a fork in the back digging into this dish.

Dizturbed Rocker
Artist: Thomas Scott

This guy is at a concert getting ready to do some head banging. He appears to be wearing studded wristbands and belt. Nice facial expression. Will this be more accepted than Scott’s U5 Bearded Man?

Paint Splatter
Artist: Susana

Looks like a Disney artist got wild with the paint brushes again. I do like the heart shaped splatter on the chest. We will see what kind of detail we get on the back. It’s a clear figure.

Artist: Caley Hicks

An old school jukebox design. For the younger people out there, think iPod, only larger, doesn’t hook up to your computer and isn’t digital. I like the music notes in the ears. The colors are great on this one.

Rotary Phone
Artist: Lisa Badeen

A nod to the era when it took 5 minutes to call someone. And whats that in the head? Phones once had cords? And look, another phone number on a Vinylmation! A clear head with the cord going through it.

Dark Side of the Mouse

Artist: Maria Clapsis

Looks like a peak into the 60s or 70s with a psychedelic space theme. Check out the Mickey head in the foot!

Squirrel and Nut
Artist: Doug Strayer

Cutesters Too had a kid in a squirrel outfit. On the bottom next to Maria’s name was an acorn. This is a similar idea, only the Squirrel is more realistic, as is the nut.

Artist: Maria Clapsis

Another penguin! (Which Disney actually made a joke about!) Here he is holding a fish. This one seems a little more gruesome then the squirrel, because the fish is living.

Artist: Mike Sullivan

This is the hardest to understand. It looks like a crazy cyclops gingerbread man. The top almost looks like some kind of Asian writing. Or it looks like the first stage of a Bob Ross painting. All it needs is some “happy little trees”. There’s also a green variant.

Here is the rest of Urban 7. A couple Ear Hats where already released. And we have seen some Urban 7 Jumbo Pins pointing toward future 9″ figures

Color Bars 9″

If this is anything like the hat, I will break my 9″ rule. Here’s to hoping the body and head at the color bars, the ears are similar to the hat, and that it has an antenna as an add on “hat”!

Cookies and Milk 9″

From the Ear Hat we think the head and body will be the milk carton, and the ears will have the cookies

Delightful Flowers 9″

Similar to other 9″ designs, this just has a theme, but not over arching design.

Mean Old Dog 9″

This one will look cool in a big size.


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