Vinylmation Speculation: The Return of Park 4?

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Update: 6/1/11 We hear more and more that this is just a mistake on the store’s part, so we are closing this speculation out for the time being. Don’t worry, it doesn’t seem like Park 4 is coming back, every one’s high valued pieces are safe. (If only we can find me an EPCOT ’82 piece)

Update: 5/20/11 According to several comments, people are saying that those particular signs have been up for a while now. So this might not actually come true, however, it’s an interesting idea to think about, especially since we got a “re-release” of Star Wars. (I know it’s a different situation, but still interesting to ponder.)

A message was left on our Facebook wall by David saying he saw a “Coming Soon” sign next to Park 4 at Villains in Vogue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Is this sign misplaced or did they find some cases of Park 4 somewhere backstage while cleaning up this past weekend? We will look into this. Park 4 wasn’t in stores long and demands a slight premium in the aftermarket. Would you be happy if more Park 4 were on the way?

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  • I am probably one of the few, but I am of the opinion, once Disney stops making something, they should consider it retired. When dealing with collectibles, once a company starts “unretiring” items, then the collecting public loses confidence in those collectible items. Instead of those long lines outside D-Street for a vinyl release to get the sought after vinyls, you will only have a few people because the collectors won’t trust Disney when they say they are limiting a product. A collector may buy 4 of a vinyl or set to trade or hold for future trades once the perceived value goes up, but if collectors don’t trust Disney anymore, that collector may only buy one or two or may loose interest in the chase when their vinyls are not worth anything anymore. All I can see with Disney bringing back Park 4 is to paid their pockets. Most collectors know Park 3 isn’t worth anything as far as trades go relative to Park 4. Imagine your Park 4s becoming worthless and you cannot trade for anything good. Not a good feeling is it?

  • That sign has been there for several months. I wouldn’t expect them back. If they really just wanted to make more money, they’d re-release Park and Urban 1.

  • I’m pretty sure that those “coming soon” signs have been at Villains in Vogue and at least one other store in DHS for quite some time now, and the general opinion is that they are misplaced, not a hint at a future re-release of the series. That opinion is based on the numerous other displays around WDW that don’t have a “coming soon” sign next to them. I for one would love having a couple cases here and there come back out (I was able to snag 4 combo-topper Park 4s about two months after the series had disappeared from WDW), but I agree that a full-fledged re-release is not the greatest idea from a collectible standpoint, and I don’t anticipate it happening.

  • i have to lean towards agreeing with Brad B. I want several Park 4 vinylmations still. the image above being a main one… i love the Epcot 82. but as and avid collector, i love the value of having rare or more valuable pieces. my fiance and i have traded hight for tower of terror, green monorail, and goofy. these are prized because it took us a lot of wheeling and dealing to get them. honestly, i like that it’s a hunt. i’m not always happy that i have to give up SO much for some of them… but hey… that’s how it goes. i love knowing i’m some of lucky few who get to own Ducktales & Tailspin. I prise them WAY more then I do my Oh Mickey Black. I really like that figure…. but there’s just no comparison. i’d trade it away cause i know i could get it back for another $15 with my pass.

    now, saying all that…. i’ll buy the Park 4s up to get the ones i want if they DO come out again. but as far as i’m concerned… retire them, Disney.

  • If they found more boxes, and they’re putting them out then that’s a bonus, and totally okay by me. If they’re producing more, then we get into different territory. While these aren’t limited editions perse, the understanding is that when they’re done making them, then that’s it. But truly they can do what they want because these aren’t limited editions. We’re not talking about them reproducing the Disney Afternoon of the Wall-E sets which have a number edition. Besides, it’s the fans that put a perceivd value on these. If people would collect them because they like them, instead of because they think they’re gonna put their kids through college with them, then this wouldn’t be an issue really at all. Anyway, I hope it’s true as I only have a few Park 4’s, and I think they’ll look nice on my shelf.

  • Personally I’d love to have a chance at some more Park 4. My wife & I started collecting with Park 4 & our first pull was the Colonel Chaser. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a full set while we were there at the time & honest truth I didn’t realize how fast Park 4 was selling or I’d have completed the set then. The only one I’m missing that demands a really high price is the Epcot Center, if they put them online I’ll probably just buy a full tray to make sure I get them all :)

  • Sorry to be debbie downer, but that sign has been in Villlians in Vogue since Park 4 sold out initially. I always ask a cast member about it when I go in, but nobody seems to know why it’s there. A manager at DStreet in Disneyland told me this past December that there was a production problem and they hadn’t made as many of Park 4 as they did with the rest of the series so they were going to make more. But he said those were supposed to have come out in February. I would love it if I got a second chance at Park 4 but I can’t see Disney bringing them back when they’re currently on Park 6.

  • If this were true, I wonder if the rereleased series would take on the new mold as oppose to the original. That could add more value to the original set (or bragging rights), and satisfy collectors who like the designs, and attract new comers.

  • I spoke with one of the guys in charge of vinyl releases @ a trading event at the contemporary. He said the signs were a mistake and they would never do that with a park series that was that far gone. The fact that park 5 made an appearance online late in the game makes me wonder about this, but he was adamant it was not happening, and since he had pirates, the upcoming fall black & white series, and the new AP holder vinyls in his possession at the event to show off, I kinda believe him.

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