Dirty Ducks on eBay

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Another unfortunate happening in the Vinylmation community. Edith sent us an email with links to more Hong Kong eBay auctions. This time for Darkwing Duck Disney Afternoons.

This seller is listing both Darkwing and Gosalyn Mallard separately. As you can see, like the previous Hong Kong auctions, the figures are scuffed up. And in this case, Darkwing doesn’t even come with his hat.

We talked on this past podcast about boycotting eBay sellers that buy up Limited Editions and resell them right away on eBay… let’s make sure to boycott these Hong Kong dumpster dives as well. Also, we have all been wondering what happened to Darkwing since this combo seems to have been skipped over by Disney… hopefully this isn’t some sign as to why. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I also saw this same seller had listings for the bakery series but there was no frosting included in the auction.

  2. Same guy that put out the Alice Hedgehog Vinyls. Has listed at least two of each Darkwing characters. Maybe Disney is setting a trap for this guy and the Chinese gov’t will catch and behead him!

    Anybody, not living in HK have a Goof Troop set for trade? Sorry, I am still in shock.

  3. There is also a Bonkers and Fall apart Rabbit from an unannounced Disney Afternoon Bonkers set up for bid as well. Looks like this series just keeps going.

  4. @Glen, please take caution before you complete your purchase with that seller. His items are not legitimate. We, as informed Vinylmation Collectors need to stay away from this seller’s auctions.

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