Disney Store Online Report: June 3, 2011

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Welcome Vinylmation fans. This week on the DSO report we have a select group of cupcakes from the Bakery series making their way online, the departure of a few 9”s, and a new “Pinned” category.


We learned this morning at around 1 a.m. that three of the six cupcakes from the 3” Bakery series, all designed by Susan Foy, are available online for $11.95 a piece. The three are Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell and Marie from Aristocats.

The 10 piece 3”/Junior combo celebration series made its way onto the online stage this past week at the price of $16.95 each.
The variant filled 3″ Park 6 series is finally available online both in Tray form, at $310.80, and Mystery Box, at $12.95.
There are two remaining single 9”s from Urban 6, priced at $39.95, still available online. With rainbow hearts and hidden Mickeys galore, the Love Vinylmation, designed by Padla Gutierrez, is a LE of 800 and still available. The Viking, by designer Doug Strayer is a LE of 800, and spawns from the Viking hat combo that was produced earlier this year.
Jack Skellington of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas series reappeared online this week for the usual price of $11.95.

The Junior Keychain series has made its return once again at the price of $8.95.

Thomas Scott’s Toy Story series is also available online this week at $238.80 for a Tray and $9.95 for a Mystery Box.
This week welcomes the addition of a new category for those of you chasing down those Disney pins modeled after Vinylmations. The first pin we have this week is the two piece Lanyard Medal and Pin set, available online for $15.95.
The two piece Park 3 Mystery Pin set, matching the Vinylmation Park 3 series with the exception of Pooh in the chaser’s slot, is available for $12.95 per pair.
The seven piece The Nightmare Before Christmas pin set is available online for $29.95.
The Jr. “Stylized Character” two piece Mystery Pin set is available online for $25.95.
Price Variants:
From the Urban 4 9” Series, Memphis, or 80′s Fashion, is discounted to $29.99 from $39.95.
The Clear mystery boxes are still discounted at $5.99. An alternative option to collecting this Clear series is to treat them as another version of Create-Your-Owns and expand your creative collection.

The select group from The Animal Kingdom series; the Panther, Gorilla, Buffalo, and Bear; remain discounted at $7.99, from $9.95.

The Create Your Own 3”, all but white, remain marked down from $8.95 to $4.99.

Sell Outs:
In the period of writing this article the Animation 1 Simba Combo Pack has reappeared online and already Sold Out.

The Urban 3 Mystery Boxes, discounted at $5.99, are Sold Out this week.

Unfortunately still Sold Out is the Electric Light 9”, created by Susan Gay and a LE of 800. It is modeled off of “photographic light gauge equipment,” as DSO calls it.

The 9” Create Your Owns still appear to be online this week, but remain Sold Out.

Still Around:
Designed by Monty Maldovan and a LE of 1200, the Elliot and Pete 9”/3”, from Pete’s Dragon, combo set is still available online for $74.95.
Although still not listed under Vinylmation, both Hyacinth and Willie can still be found online by searching for “animation” in the DSO search bar. Both are priced at $39.95. Hyacinth Hippo is designed by Thomas Scott (Lead Vinylmation Designer) and is from Disney’s Fantasia. Hyacinth is a LE of 1200.
Designed by Maria Clapsis and from the Make Mine Music segment “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met,” Willie the Whale is a lively, singing addition to the Animation 1 collection. Willie is a LE of 1000.
The sun burned, sandal wearing, Independence Day Holiday 2 9” Vinylmation, designed by Tyler Dumas and a LE of 500, is sadly no longer available this week. He is priced at a the higher than usual price of $48.95 when available.
Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge 9” Vinylmation is no longer available online after being discounted to $34.99 last week.
Up and Coming:
As reported earlier this week, we have a few upcoming Vinylmations at the end of next week. All coming out on June 10th, Urban 6 finishes its 9” series and the DSO exclusive “Disney Afternoons” duo comes out. The Moai 9”, created by Casey Jones and a LE of 800, will probably release at the usual $39.95, but that is unconfirmed.
The Urban 6 Angel Devil 9”/3” combo, designed by Thomas Scott, is a LE of 1000 and will most likely be priced at the common $74.95 combo price.
Finally we have Chris Chapman’s much anticipated LE 1000 Goof Troop 3”/3” combo. This is an online exclusive and will likely sell out quickly, so timing will be everything. However, the DSO isn’t known for its timely releases, so we’ll have to see what time exactly they’ll be released. I’m unsure of the price on this combo.
That wraps up this week’s DSO Report. As always, feel free to leave questions/comments about sections you want explained further, product descriptions/explanations, or simply anything miscellaneous.
– Nick J.

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