Goof Troop Sold Out- Why?

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Goof Troop is sold out. In approximately 10 minutes. At 4 AM in the morning. (EST) During the 2 hour break I took for sleep.

From all reports it sounds like there was no limit to the amount you could purchase. And while this is an oversight on Disney’s part, let’s take a moment to account for something else. As far as I could tell, this set was not creating nearly the buzz that the other Disney Afternoon sets were. Yet for it to sell out this quick means that either people were buying huge numbers of these sets or a huge number of people waited til 4 AM to buy this set. Has vinylmation already been sold out to the hard core re-sellers? In less then 3 years has the fun collectables become so alluring to people who would buy sets only to resale that it might have destroyed the whole market? Or has the game gotten so big that a set of 1000 isn’t nearly big enough for the group of collectors?

How many people got theirs this morning? With a late release time it seems like it’s not possible that everyone was just there at the right time to get theirs. Can anyone else suggest a problem (as of right now, there’s only 2 on eBay, so I’m not sure about that theory). We shall see in the upcoming day.

It’s late, and I’m sleepy, so we’ll come back to this topic tomorrow morning, when I’m sure a lot more people will have a lot more to say.

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Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • I ordered mine at 3:27am EST, and bought 2 sets (one for keeps and one for trade). I got an email confirmation with my goof troop purcahse, but when I checked my “order history” online, it showed $0 for those items. I believe that there are many more vinylmation collectors out there, and this was evident when the Bakery Series changed from limited edition to an open edition.

  • To clarify about the ebay auctions, some of those auctions were put up before the sale. My mom was checking the day prior due to noticing a price spike in other Disney Afternoon sets…. One ebay auction had ten available “pre-sale” sets for sale and another listed one, I think. I’m suspicious that some of these pre-sale auctions that guarantee the set are either run by castmembers, those who have connections, or people who are very… confident in obtaining these vinyls.

    Honestly, I’m hoping that there was a database error or that the item was yanked due to the demand/crazy order numbers/possible overload?

  • I don’t for a second think that 1000 of these legitimately flew off the shelves at 3:20 AM. They were long gone by 4. Either Ebay jerks bought the whole lot since Disney forgot to put a limit OR Disney realized their error and they froze the release. They better adjust every sell to no more than 2 and make this right for people.

  • Im very confident that Disney Store will make this right, not right away, but over the next few days if not shortly. Im trying not to get caught up with the whole frenzy because it all comes down to human error, which we all have made a mistake at least once in our lives.

    I’m very curious to know, Nick and MC take listen, how these are set up? Is there a program thats set at a certain time and a computer automatically updates the site OR does someone stay up and manually update the site (

  • Well I was only able to stay up to 1 a.m. central time. I was trying to win a couple of auctions for park 4 sealed boxes. I don’t have any park 4’s so I was super excited to win both auctions for around $16. I kept checking and no luck, but now I see it was much later in the “morning” that these were released. My guess is these will be on e-bay in the coming days and people bought multiple sets.

  • I wasn’t in line waiting for these online this morning, but i must say 10 mintues sell out would have made my heart sink, i here there was no limit on them, i just hope for collectors sake that people were not over buying, like the Vinylmation Tader on facebook that had 10 Duck Tales and 12 Rescue Rangers when they were released. Hopefully Disney just put a few up at a time, Just after Villians 9″ were released it said sold out and a few days later appeared back on there.
    I hope all collectors got their Disney Afternoon fix

  • after being shut out of DuckTales and Rescue Rangers, i was lucky enough to get 2 Goof Troops ordered this morning. (hoping to trade 1 for a Rescue ranger). ita utterly amazazing to me that these are sold out already. it seems like Disney is doing everyhting it can to tick people off when it comes to collecting these things. hard to figure out?? unless these (so called) shortages help create such a buzz that others who wouldnt ordinarily buy vinyls are now jumping in with $$$ signs in their eyes..hoping to make a killing..its sad. :(

    • I would hope that more people are getting into collecting, but I think it’s the other (money, money, money). I do agree that I don’t understand the reasoning that goes into releases. I go back to the bakery set, why only release 3 of them and not the other 3? I don’t think being in charge of this is that hard of a job. If disney is looking for someone to be in charge of the entire vinylmation line, I would quit my job, move to Florida and take that on for them!

    • Hey Underdog, I’ll swap you a Rescue Rangers for a Goof Troop no problem.

      The only downside is that I am based in the UK.

      I’m back in florida in early Sept for the Vinylmation Showcase if you are around then to trade in person?


    • underdog,
      I have rescue rangers, if you want to trade i go to every trade event, let me know, Austin Reed on Facebook

      –Austin Reed

    • Underdog,

      You better check your order status. I have many vinyl friends that had the order go through only to find it canceled when looking at the order status. Those same people have called Disney and found out that any order after 12:10 am PDT that gets through will be cancelled. I hoope that is not the case for you though. Good luck.

  • My husband overslept and got up at 4am at that time they were sold out, we read in the forum they were gone in 10min like you guys said. We read and we don’t know if is true, that anybody that try to buy more than 2 had there order cancelled by disney, or something like that. I am up to date with all my series and we are sad we couldn’t get our set this time. I guess we will try to find somebody to trade.

  • I hope Disney sort it out so the true collectors out there can get their vinyl. This goes on too much now, with pop concert tickets always being sold out very quickly & then appearing on ebay hours later!!

    Spare a thought for us overseas though, as we can not get any of these vinyls on line & only have urban & villians on the UK website. No Star Wars, Muppets, Tron etc etc for us.

    I would be happier if they did more open editions so they were accessable to more people & that would/should bring the prices down on ebay. I think there are a lot more collectors out there now & if so, Disney will have to up demand…

  • People were buying them an hour earlier than when they showed up officially on the site, because you could purchase it from the direct link to the item on Someone posted that direct link on some forums and everyone was using it.

    The set is on sale again, so maybe just put an artificial halt on buying to make it easier for others.

  • Seriously, I was up and refreshing every 5 mins or so because of the fact that there has been time that they don’t go up until way late. Just to find out that after I refresh my screen they were sold out. I am so beyond angry with this, but will be even more angry if they do put them back on sale because of the fact that I did go on and buy one on eBay before the prices go sky high. I still over paid but am so stunned by this. Disney has failed this time. Limit these things.

    Upon rechecking their for sale status, it wasn’t sold out, but could not be purchased at this time the screen told me.

    • I was able to get one in my basket, but by the time I checked to see how much shipping would be to the UK ($20) it had come up with the same message!!

      It’s not showing as sold out…

  • Highly dissapointed is an understandment, I sat up & was refreshing and the moment it hit I clicked over but I never saw anything other than Sold Out, it never even let me attempt to add to basket.

  • For me personally, I didnt get any returns when searching “Goof Troop” until after it was sold out. I only managed to find it becuase some one posted the link on My order went through and I received a confirmation email. But my order status reflected a $0 total invoice amount. My invoice time atamp said 12:23:35. I think I was one of the last ones to get through. So with that time delay, they could could have sold out in the first minute. Something is screwy here.

    • yes and i just tried couple min ago and it showed up to add to basket but than says can not order :-( so not sure this happen also with the snowman last year and said SOLD OUT but couple days later it was up again so who knows

  • I find it odd that the new 9″ Maoi is limited to 2 per person when you go to order that but Goof Troop was not? When I called in to tell disney about it this morning the gal just said “oh you are the first person to call in about this”. I KNOW I wasn’t the first to call in. She said they couldn’t fix what had happened so I told her when they sold their JR. cases for way under price they were VERY quick to fix that.

    I also told her I had a simple solution for her; Everyone that ordered more than 2 will only be charged for and sent 2. When the rest have been allocated for they can be re-released online and the limit of 2 per person can be set. It’s EASY. They refund me all the time when something I order is sold out. They can easily fix a simple mistake like this and make things much easier on their collectors. With the way they are functioning they are asking for people to be very angry and upset. I was upset because I missed the first drop as my neighbors truck was robbed and we were all talking about it. Didn’t even occur to me that 1000 would sell out in 10 minutes. It especially frustrates me there was no limit-OR that people who only ordered 1 set for themselves are getting their orders cancelled and the bigger lots of them will go to the ebay sellers that lurk the forums for the people who are trying to help each other. Its a shame. It takes the fun out of collecting. I’m 21 and these were all shows I watched EVERY DAY as a kid, these vinyls have so much significant meaning to me and I’ve only been able to get talespin (that was even lucky since I ordered 2 and the other “talespin” was really a mis-labeled big eyes minnie. ERG!).

    I hope disney fixes this. I know they make mistakes but this is just rediculous.

    • i agree!! this could be an easy fix for them!! lets hope they realize it and do the right thing!

  • yeah i’m thinking i got the shaft too as now my order status is listed as closed. i’m getting very close to collecting anything besides vinylmation. i mean really’ve had plenty of time to get your act together as far as distrbution for these things.

  • I placed my order, got my email confirmation, and now I got off the phone with Disney and they said that my order was cancelled because they sold out. They never did put a limit of 2 per person on the Goof Troop, like they usually do with limited releases, and now there are people who ordered 6-8-10 sets, and others were left with a “FALSE EMAIL ORDER CONFIRMATION.” This is why limited edition releases need to be left to D-Street ONLY.

  • Now I am listening to “Bring on the Rain” by Joe Dee Messina in attempts to calm down after this whole “GOOF TROOP DISASTER.”

  • I just called and they confirm that Goof Troop is Sold Out. They also told me that some people bought more than 2 or 3. I was up when they went on sale and actually had 4 in my cart, but when a coupon I had didn’t work, I decided to put 1 back. Then I found out I could only use 1 giftcard per order (my GCs were for $50 so I put another back so that I had 2 in my cart. I proceeded to checkout only to find my cart emptied and said Goof Troop was Sold Out. Less than 10 minutes later. With Disney forcing the NEW mold Mickeys at me, then this $#%@ happens, I am about ready to walk away from this hobby. Collecting should be fun, but Disney is making it anything but.

    Disney needs someone who can run this entity correctly. I don’t know if Steven Miller is in charge of distribution, etc. but ironically, after being the face of Vinylmations for the past many months, he has mysteriously disappeared from the public eye when turbulence in the hobby started. Goof Troop is just the latest “egg on face” problem Disney has had with Vinylmations. Disney, please figure this problem out and stand tall and do the right thing for the hobby!

  • I too was highly disappointed that this turned into such a fiasco. I stayed up refreshing the site every 2-3 minutes. Around 3:25 when I refreshed again it said it was already sold out. Considering I consistently was refreshing every 2-3 minutes and at 3:20 for me, it still had not shown Goof Troop available, I find it impossible that they sold out in a few minutes.

    Regardless I still have a Ducktales and Rescue Ranger set that I’ve been holding onto in case something like this occurred. Hopefully someone at the next trading event in July will have a Goof Troop they are willing to trade.

  • If you want to know where they are take a look at e-bay. One person on there had 10 available for sale, but has sold 4. There are two other sellers that 7 between the two of them. I think as the days go by this is where a majority of them have gone.

    • One of the other sellers also had 10 but has sold some as well. Does Disney not understand that when someone buys 10 of them that they are going to resell them?

  • Well I just got off the phone again with a supervisor this time and she said they are very aware of the problems and will be making this right. Her name was Grace and she was pretty helpful and knowledgable about the issue and said they were trying to figure out why the limit wasn’t put in place like it should have been. She said she also collects vinyls so she knows what it’s like to wait up all night for a release (altho that part i’m not 100% sure she does ;P lol) and then be disappointed. She took down my information and said they will be emailing me in a few days and thanked me for voicing my concerns. I hope they fix this and at least give the other people the option to purchase them. She said she wasn’t aware of the ebay people having 10 but said she would look into it…. however since she is not part of ebay there isn’t really anything she can do about that except for convicing the management team to only ship 2 to the people that ordered.

    • What number are you calling? Because I figured if a lot of us were to call and complain something might actually get done, versus just a few phone calls.

      • I’m calling just the customer service number: 1(800)328-0368

        I also suggested that they outta do like a 10 min hold like ticket master does. once it’s in your cart you have 10 mins to make your purchase, if not it goes to the next people trying to order….

        Calling does help. If you express your concerns in a mature and calmly mannered way they respond nicely and actually try to help you out. Its not exactly the person on the phone’s fault, its the person running the system that didn’t fix their error. They said they are trying to rectify this so I have faith, trust, and i’m hoping on some pixie dust that they will indeed fix this. They make mistakes (every order on my part LOL) but by making it to where things are ONLY available at the park it makes it even more of a price point. RR was $70 day of release and I can only imagine it’s just going to go up. For those of us who aren’t close to the park online releases are nice. I want them to continue these types of releases with a better system. They are taking our feedback and I’m sure Disney will put it to use. It’s not everyday you have 500 customers calling in about the same exact issue.

  • I know everyone is upset about the online release but here is a story about something good that came from the DSO. I ordered the 3 cupcakes last Friday and decided to get a holiday 2 box. Still trying to find the St. Patricks Day vinly since that is my birthday. So my son and I “argued” about who should get to open the box. I know, I know I can hear my wife saying “How old are you?” So we compromised. I opened it and took it out of the foil behind my back and on the count of three I was going to bring it out so we could both see it. So I counted to three and then opened my closed hand. To our wonderful surprise we were shocked to see in my hand . . . . the SANTA CHASER!!! Now I remember why I started collecting these things, for the excitement that it brings.

  • They need to stop doing the internet releases and just do d streets and disney stores in the malls this internet thing is a dang fiasco also let’s boycott those evil ebay sellers then they will have to sit on the money they spent

    • the problem with that is for those of us who aren’t located close or anywhere near the parks it will do the exact same thing as far as ebay. At least with online releases when done right it gives everyone a fair chance at something. What they did with this wasn’t fair. people scooping up 10+ of these are in it for profit, those of us who paitently waited for our 2 (or even 1 in some cases) to be released makes it even better that they DO things online.

      If and when they get organized things online should work much better… hopefully this event will wake them up and let them know we won’t stand for unfair treatment when it comes to this type of release. I kinda dumbfounded the supervisor when I told her it was odd that 2 of the 3 new releases were limited, but not GT after all DA had been… she was just like “OH’. We’ll see… I hear news of shipping confirmations going out, so i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what disney does

  • I was refreshing my page constantlu here on the west coast and itbfiannly changed at 12:33 (pst). It was already sold out.

  • on the disney blog, they said goof troop is sold out. does this mean they arent going to fix it and put it online again for another release?

  • I called Disney store and they would not tell me if there was a limit. just that they would be getting more – not sure when – and to keep checking back. so clearly they didn’t set a limit but also clear that apparently not all 1000 are sold yet as she said they would be getting more…

  • so much for Disney “doing the right thing” :(
    got my order cancelled and a lousy $20 gift card for my troubles. i told them it’ll cost me more than triple that to get it on ebay thanks to their mistakes..but it did no good…..
    i really like this hobby..but i’m close to being done with it…
    thanks Disney :(

  • cesilie :
    I’m calling just the customer service number: 1(800)328-0368
    I also suggested that they outta do like a 10 min hold like ticket master does. once it’s in your cart you have 10 mins to make your purchase, if not it goes to the next people trying to order….
    Calling does help. If you express your concerns in a mature and calmly mannered way they respond nicely and actually try to help you out. Its not exactly the person on the phone’s fault, its the person running the system that didn’t fix their error. They said they are trying to rectify this so I have faith, trust, and i’m hoping on some pixie dust that they will indeed fix this. They make mistakes (every order on my part LOL) but by making it to where things are ONLY available at the park it makes it even more of a price point. RR was $70 day of release and I can only imagine it’s just going to go up. For those of us who aren’t close to the park online releases are nice. I want them to continue these types of releases with a better system. They are taking our feedback and I’m sure Disney will put it to use. It’s not everyday you have 500 customers calling in about the same exact issue.

    Cesille, I like the 10 minute hold idea. I had 4 in my basket, then put 2 back and by the time everything refreshed, they were sold out.

    Josh, Selling only at D-Street leaves us collectors in 98% of the USA out in the cold. I am fortunate to have two friends, who live near Disneyland, that missed out on Rescue Rangers by a few people in line. So even the suggestion of just selling at D-Street doesn’t guarantee locals will get them.

  • I had similar issues. Successfully ordered 3, got the email receipt but then noticed that my order was cancelled. I got this email today:

    Dear Disney Guest,

    We’re so very sorry, but The Disney Afternoon ”Goof Troop” Vinylmation 3” Set — 2-Pc., item 400001124710, was so popular that we oversold it this morning. Unfortunately, you will not be receiving this item. Please accept our apologies and this Online Gift Card in the amount of $20 to use on your next purchase.

    We were overwhelmed by the response from our Guests to the newest item in the Disney Afternoon Vinylmation collection. To prevent a repeat of this experience in the future we will be:

    1) Limiting the purchase quantity to 2 per order on the first day launch of all Vinylmation to allow more of our Guests to purchase
    2) Adding additional safeguards to prevent the item from extreme overselling.

    Again, we are truly sorry.


    The Team

    I am not too happy. $20 gift certificate? Nice gesture and all but I am still disappointed. I LOVE vinyls (maybe too much) and to think that greedy Ebay sellers bought up 10, 20+ just to make $$$ really bugs me.

    And on top of that, here is a little more confusion. My order time on the receipt was 12:21 AM, i ordered FAST, BUT I know people who had order times at 12:24, 12:25 that successfully got there’s. Ugh! I’m not happy

    • Was this eastern time, central etc.? I kept checking last night and went to bed around 12:30 CST and I never even saw it on the website. I can say that disney really screwed this up.

  • I apoligise to Vinylmation Trader from Facebook they do not buy these to sell over priced on ebay like others, they have a team and help collectors out, I jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that they were not true collectors when they are.

    If anyone has something to Trade for the Goof Troop or other LE sets they should use this page as it is helpful, i traded a 9″ London Exclusive for the Rescue Rangers Set on the page, not with the Vinylmation Traders themselves but with another member.

    Sorry Vinylmation Traders i never mean’t to offend you.

    Lindsey :)

  • Does anyone else think maybe it’s time to stop doing limited runs with numbers so small? And to just let them run their course, for a few months, and then retire them? It would prevent this from happening…

    • I think that’s a cool idea, have an X number that was made. Your idea is very similar to the way the Park Series is released now (only the Park Series takes nearly a year to retire lol).

  • It’s too bad all the fans can’t just get together and boycott all the ebay sellers who bought a bunch and the try to resell at an inflated price. If no one bought the stuff at the inflated prices, they would stop doing such things.

  • Disney needs a complete overhaul of their Vinylmation managers, etc. Not only do they pull this kind of crap all the time- they botched the online Tale Spin release, putting it up at 2pm at the wrong price, but I am still irritated about the design change; I am sure those who are in charge were thinking that vinylmation collectors will buy them no matter what they might look like, and I really hope they are proved wrong and things get changed. This sort of thing is not too difficult to prevent in the first place, and such a prestigious and business savvy company should have thought ahead, instead of letting all of us get screwed, while jerks on ebay sell them for upwards of $80 a piece. It is such a shame and really turns me off of collecting- it is supposed to fun, not irritating and unfair. I hope things are changed for the better, or I think we will see a decline in collecting, especially the new mold series that come out in the future with higher prices and less of the old features I love.

    • i agree.. in my opinion a decline in interest is definatly on the way…you have to wonder if Disney even cares. they know they can just roll out another line of “collectibles” and we diney lovers will probably jump on that one
      but i’m NOT gonna buy that ugly new mold!!

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