Pirates make your wallet walk the gang plank on July 1st

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There’s been a lot of new recently about the Pirates Party on July 1st at WDW for the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean 3″ series. (The set also comes out the same day in California, but with less pomp and circumstance.)

The party starts at 10:30 AM (when the store opens) this Friday. The new 12 figure blind box series will be on sale then, for $12.95 (according to Claudia who called Disney). That series is by Casey Jones.

Also available that day will be several one of a kind Pirates themed custom vinylmations that will be sold separately. (Similar to the idea of the ones they released on CA a little bit back.) Wristbands will be handed out for these special customs. Each band is limited to purchasing only ONE custom, and all are first come first serve. (At the moment we don’t have the prices of any of these officially, but I would suspect that the NOAH ones are $595.)

Here are the ones that Disney has announced…

First up, this vinyl by new artist Gary Ham. We didn’t know who these was, but after checking out his blog at haminals.blogspot.com we really like the way this guys thinks. (Especially the Superman reference) His vinylmation is right on par with the rest of his artwork. Disney spoke to him and he explained his thoguht process for this piece, “The inspiration behind the figure was to tell a story of pirate voyage and all that they encounter while in search of treasure.” The hat is interesting, as it is removable, but also fits over one ear instead of between them. I think the design looks pretty cool, but like most of this set I’m sure the price is a little out of my range. (Plus, and I hope this is on purpose, I enjoy that his name is Ham and the piece is pink!)

Another new artist to Vinylmationis Robert Lee from methanestudios.com. Check out his pirate variation. I love the M-I-C-K-E-Y on the pirate’s knuckles, and the Mickey Ears on the skull and cross bones on his ear. I’d love this one as a 3″ for like $25!

Jeff Lamm’s piece is up next. Also a newbie to Vinylmation, Jeff’s work usually focuses on Godzilla like monsters. Check out one of the many places to find his artwork, greasebat.com. He says that he likes to create “messed up junk, heavily influences by Japanese monster toys, Ed Roth, pop art, and vintage manga. His piece is pretty straight forward. A skeleton and some jewels, although I’m not sure if the skeleton has eaten the jewels or if they are just in a pile in front of him. Jeff told Disney, “This figure was a fun piece to make. My inspiration came from the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ model kits made back in the 70’s. I always loved the action of those kits. I liked the idea of skeletal pirates defending their treasure.” I really like the jewel in the right ear, reminds me of the rupees from Zelda. (I’m playing the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time right now).

Up next, two from seasoned vinylmation artist Adrianne Draude:

Two great things about this piece. One, it kinda looks like this pirate has joined a 1970’s biker gang with all the black leather it seems to be wearing. Two, if you purchase this one, you’ll get that extra fancy chest for your booty! (I wonder if the vinylmation fits inside.) A great figure, and it looks like Adrianne did a lot of work adding 3 dimensional elements to this piece. Gotta love the gold tooth!
The other piece from Adrianne also comes with something special. That really cool box you see there, and it even has a hinged door. I’m pretty sure this means that this piece fits inside the box. The piece isn’t 3D like the previous piece, but the artwork is really cool!

The final piece (well actually pieces) are by NOAH. (If you don’t know he’s the guy behind those custom Disney endorsed TRON figures, as well the some Little Mermaid customs.) According to Disney, there will be six similar figures offered. We are guessing (based on historical records) that these pieces will go for about $595.00. Each piece will also (like always) come with a cool stand which also has another piece of NOAH work. A little darker and scarier then the other pieces, this piece is actually a little simple in comparison to the other pieces. (Of course that might just be the lighting in this picture.) Although, I do have to say, that skull is really really creepy!

What do you think of all these pieces? Which do you like the most? Is anyone in our audience lucky enough to be able afford and thus is looking to purchase one of these?

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