Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 6/13/11 Disney announced today that the Pirates set will be released on June 18th…. in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Update: 6/11/11 Pirates will be released in Orlando’s D-Street on July 1. D-Street will open at 10:30am with a “special release party”. Then, from 1 – 3, POTC series artist Casey Jones will be on hand signing figures for guests. At Disneyland, Pirates will be released on July 3. We also have turn-arounds for all 12 figures, yes, including the mystery chaser. The chaser is a bit of a surprise. Not what we, or many other people expected. And in my opinion doesn’t have that Wow! factor. If you want to see, click below for the chaser.

Update: 6/4/11 Updated post with some in person pictures of a couple Pirates figures.

Update: 4/26/11 Disney updated the Vault page with pictures of 10 of the 12 figures. They didn’t show us sketches of the chaser or Jack Sparrow (who we already know about).

Update: 4/20/11 Jack Sparrow will be included in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean set! A “beginning of July” release window was also announced.

Pirates of the Caribbean will be released as a 12 figure blind box set with 11 regular figures and one mystery chaser. Casey Jones designed this set based on the Pirates attraction at the Disney theme parks. This set is slated to be released at the beginning of July.

Artist: Casey Jones
Release Date: “Beginning of July”
Set Size: 11 with a Mystery Chaser

Pirate Top Hat

Two! Top hats with this set. This time, this one has a Skull and Crossbones on it. Very interesting.

Dirty Pig

From the local town, a fun part of the attraction.

Pirate Crew Member
Beads Pirate
Hook Hand Pirate
We have already seen this pirate in a blurry photo.

A hook for a hand!!!

Barrel Jack Sparrow

Probably the only Johnny Depp in the series. Also probably the only movie reference.


The Disney Imagineers had a very long day and this was the very last Pirate in the attraction they had to name.

Dirty Foot Pirate

I was always nervous to look up when passing under the bridge for fear that slime from his disgusting foot would drop down on me.

Scuba Owl though we should add this pic!
POTC Man at Well

This unfortunate man is awaiting his turn to be dunked in the well. Check out the detail of the ropes across his chest.

He is the middle guy on the right in yellow.

Tiny is one of the girls being auctioned off on Isla Tesoro. She smiles because of the attention the Pirates are giving her. Nice detail with the cap on her head.


We have already seen a Pirate Helmsman in Park 5, but this one is much more detailed.

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  • “Patch” is also known as “Here Kitty Kitty” as that’s what he is saying to the cats in his scene… It always creeps me out because I imagine he wants to eat the cat! :(

    • Thanks Ryan! I’ve been going through the attraction in my head trying to place him and the internet didn’t help, because I kept finding pictures of the DLR Pirate with the cats and he looks different.

  • Have there been any projected release dates for this set? I am beyond excited for it! This and the haunted mansion are my Dad and I’s favorite rides.. hes going to be so excited for this set!!!

  • Re: Patch… I always thought his name was Bill. Doesn’t he say, “here kitty, kitty, how about a little old time rum with Bill?”

  • It looks like they’re going to do a great job with adding background content in the ears rather than trying to force character attributes into them. I’m definitely glad they’re going with the bayou starry night type feel.

  • Though I am not at all a fan of this shape, I may have to get that dirty foot pirate. I have always loved that guy ever since I was a little kid, and he really looks cute as a VM…

  • According to the updated Disney Vinylmation Blog, these will be released sometime in July. They also posted a pic of a Jack Sparrow in the barrel figure and another pirate figure that we haven’t seen yet, but I can’t seem to figure out who he is. Anybody have any guesses?

  • while i will admit this set looks great on the new molds….to me they just srnt Vinylmations anymore. They blog says its on a Mickey canvas…but other than the ears..it hardly can be called a Mickey canvas anymore.:(…and thats what drew us to Vinylmation to begin with. This is a great looking Pirate action figure set though.

  • I agree, the new mold is not getting me excited. Doesn’t remind me of Mickey anymore. Time to stock up on the old mold. Does anyone know what kind of vinylmations are sold at the disney store on michigan ave in chicago? I am going next weekend and curious as to what they have.

    • I live in Chicago. Last time I was there they had Have a Laugh, Toy Story, Urban 6, Villains, and Animation. They should also have Muppets 2 as the majority of the Disney Stores are selling them. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for the info. Do the disney stores not sell the park series? I guess Disney wants you to go to the park to buy them. Oh well, might pick up a few Toy Story.

  • The new mold is awful. It looks like the characters are chipmunks or have the mumps or something.

  • Josh :
    Thanks for the info. Do the disney stores not sell the park series? I guess Disney wants you to go to the park to buy them. Oh well, might pick up a few Toy Story.

    The Park series is only sold at Disney Theme Parks, Resorts, and sometimes online at Disneystore.com

    • Thanks again. I wonder why Park 6 hasn’t been listed on the ds.com website yet. Maybe tomorrow, it is Friday, I hope something good comes out besides those awful sea creatures.

      • I think they are trying to figure out a balance as to how “exclusive” figures are. Between the parks, the online store, and the brick and mortar Disney stores, some times they are a little too “over exposed” for a collectible.

  • Hey guys go to Facebook and enter “stop the new mickey vinylmation mold” and tell them how you feel.

  • D’oh… I arrive in Orlando on 1st July late in the afternoon :o(
    Is this a limited edition or will there be some left by the time I get there at about 9pm??

  • Duck Vader :
    D’oh… I arrive in Orlando on 1st July late in the afternoon (
    Is this a limited edition or will there be some left by the time I get there at about 9pm??

    You should have plenty of time to get this set because MANY hardcore vinyl collectors WON’T be adding this set to their collections because the set comes on the NEW mold.

    • I also am not buying ANY vinylmations in the new mold. So I know I urban 7 is still old mold. It will be interesting to see when Disney finally takes the big leap and starts creating the Park and Urban series in the new mold. I went to the Chicago Disney store today on Michigan Ave. I saw the cutesters like you and now I know what the new mold reminds me of. If you take away the “mickey” ears they remind me of those nesting dolls that fit inside of each other. I hope Disney really rethinks this whole new mold thing. Long Live the OLD MOLD!

  • Love the set, even though its on the new mold, it wont discourage me from buying the set even though I perfer the old mold better. It depends on whether or not it pleases the consumer, they either want it or they dont. I prefer the old mold better, the new mold stinks because it seems like they make short cuts for their own advantage, thats just my opinion, others have theirs. But they do look great on the new mold especially the chaser captain barbossa (People are going to know it was him anyway-hoping for a parrot though or angelica). But yea.

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