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Update: 7/7/11 Disney has changed the online release date from July 18th to July 22nd.

Date: 6/28/11 Disney gave out some details and packaging info today. We knew Steam Park will be released as a 6 figure set and now we know the price. It will retail for $99.95 at both Orlando and California D-Streets and will be available on July 8. The set is a LE of 1000. There will also be a small amount available at the WDW Trading Show on July 8th. (Remember that D-Street California will open at 8 AM this day for the season pass holder exclusives, so these should be on sale at that time too!) People who don’t live by the parks can pick these up on July 22nd on the Some of the price point may account for the elaborate box the set comes in. Here’s a look:

A very detailed box with windows looking in at the 6 Vinylmation.

“The packaging is what pushed me over the top with this set. I’ll be there on the 8th ready for mine. Before the trade show of course!” – MC

Update: 4/25/11 DV reporter Ryan talked to a source today about this set. They confirmed that this will be sold as a set of 6. It is also scheduled for release “mid-summer”. To us this means that the set will be similar to the packaging of Sushi and with a similar price, but that’s speculation. Also speculation, Disney places this set in their “Limited Edition Set” list, which leads us to believe that this will be a LE set!

First off, love the name! We first saw references to several in this set back in the summer of ’10. Then the SteamPark pocket watch came out, and it was awesome. Then nothing, for a long time. Well, now we have a few of the artist renderings of several more figures we have never seen before! (Thanks to Scuba Owl for letting us know that these pictures were up.)

This set will be sold as a set of six (without the Gears and Cogs which came in the Pocket Watch set). It is scheduled for a “mid-summer” release.

Artist: Mike Sullivan
Released: July 8th D-Streets and July 22nd Online
Price: $99.95
LE: 1000

The Magnificent Balloon

If it’s big enough, and you have enough hot air, you can make almost anything fly. Just drape a net over the balloon and attach the ends to what ever you want to ride in. Be a car, a horse buggy, or even your home, Carl.

Grandson Clock

A grandfather clock is old. This is new and fancy, the cutting edge of time technology.

Steel Mickey

I’m not sure if they is a submarine, or an ancient power source. Maybe we will learn more in the future.

Steampark Cyborg

Half man, half steampunk machine. All evil! (Well, Evil is assumed)

The Engineer

I know she might just be the mechanic, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that not only does she maintain the machines, but she knows enough to design them when push comes to mechanic shove. (Think Kaylee from Firefly.)
The Commandant

The leader of the good forces (we assume) and the man who can defend the world from the evil forces (if there are any). We’ve seen him for a while now.

Gears and Cogs (Pocket Watch)

This appears to be the 3″ figure that came with the Steam Park Pocket Watch. The best of all the 3″ vinylmation that came with the watches. Very cool.

What do you think of this series? What would you like to see?

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