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What’s your favorite Pixar movie? Mine is Up. It not only is a great Disney movie, but one of the truly great films ever made. What is it missing? It has amazing characters. You are emotionally connected to Carl from scene one. Kevin and Dug are comedic genius. Up has a beautiful storyline. It is real. It is sad and not everything works out as planned. But it is also uplifting. Up also takes viewers on a great adventure. It has everything… except an official Disney Vinylmation. Until now. Friday, June 24 is the release date for the 9″ Maria Clapsis designed Park 6 Up (LE 1000 $44.95) at D-Street Orlando and California. So the movie has it all, but does the Vinylmation?

Take a peak. At first glance it looks like a beautiful piece. It has the house. It has the balloons. The design is well placed. But Up is a beautifully SQUIRREL!

Copyright Disney and Pixar

…drawn movie, and I would expect more beauty in this figure. Instead it just… gets by.

I would have liked to see more definition in the details. Like the clouds, the sky and the balloons. I really hope, when we see this figure in person, the balloons will not have poor, overlapping paint job that shows up in a few 9″ vinyls.

Flip it over and you see… the back side of a house and balloons. The big miss on the 9″ Up is the lack of characters. Up has some of the most beloved characters of any Pixar film, and they are not here. Carl peaking out the window. Russell on the front porch. Kevin on the roof. Something. Anything.

Copyright Disney and Pixar

This figure is kind of stuck in the middle to me. I’d take the lack of detail for some characters. I’d take the lack of characters for more detail. Let’s be honest, as an Up fan, I’ll probably pick it up unless I really don’t like it in person. What about you? Is Up a must add to your collection?

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