2011 DV All Star Teams

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Today is the day Baseball’s All Stars gather in Phoenix, AZ for the Mid Summer Classic. So M.C. and I decided to each pick our 2011 Vinylmation All Stars. On the last podcast, we each picked our 9 All Stars, our absolute favorites, from the sets released in 2011. Any 3″ or 9″ was fair game. We also picked a Disney Artist as Manager of our team. Check out our teams below. Tell us who you think hit a Home Run and which one of us Struck Out. And as always, some fan favorites always get left off the teams… who did we miss?

M.C.’s 2011 Vinylmation All Star Team
Darth Vader
“Star Wars”
by Mike Sullivan

M.C. could have picked many out of the Star Wars series, but picked Darth Vader due to his magnificent detail. And who’s to say a lightsaber and a master of the force can’t help in a ball game?
“Duck Tails”
by Chris Chapman

Disney artists have learned how to draw ducks onto the Mickey shaped canvas. This is M.C.’s favorite Disney Afternoon character. The detail of the clear ears representing goggles is great.
Young Simba
“Animation 1” -combo topper
by Monty Maldovan

Simba is young and feisty. He’s a youthful asset to the team. Not to mention the artwork on this would be King is spectacular. 
“Sea Creatures”
by Billy Davis

Besides being a well designed character, the Shark is mean and tough and a solid addition to any ball club. He probably has a bit of power too, and no one will pitch inside to him.

“Hong Kong”
by unknown

This is M.C.’s center fielder. Can you argue with this pick? Dumbo can fly! He can probably also catch balls with his trunk. Not much is getting by Dumbo. A brilliant design as well. 
“Animation 1”
by Maria Clapsis

M.C. always said this Vinylmation is more like a piece of art. He loves this design, but still will not pick up a 9″ figure. On the field, don’t let the skirt fool you, she has pop in her bat.
Runaway Brain Mickey
“Park 6” -combo topper
by Monty Maldovan

M.C. likes this guy’s features and has never seen the short he is from. But a selection to this team means this is one of the best designs of 2011. Now if you are covering a base and Runaway Brain Mickey is running at you, do you stay there for the out?
Admiral Donald Statue
“DCL Disney Dream”
by Lisa Badeen

M.C. chose the bronze statue over the full color Donald. This is also the second Duck on his team. Might want to stick this guy in right field, he’s not catching much. 
Nerds Rock! Full Set
“Nerds Rock!”
by Doug Strayer

A whole series? 6 Nerds? M.C. likes these innovative and comical designs a lot. Apparently these guys will be in the front office though, not on the field. 
Casey Jones

Casey at bat? Nope, in the dugout. Casey was chosen for his ability to create entire sets of Vinylmation. In 2011 Casey has designed Pirates of the Caribbean, Park 6 Norway Troll, Park 6 Adventureland Tiki, and Animation 1 Marie. Also, we will see Winnie the Pooh at the Florida Project and hope to see his Haunted Mansion set.
Nick’s 2011 Vinylmation All Star Team
Ghost Obi Wan
“Star Wars”
by Mike Sullivan

This variant chaser is a no brainer on a 2011 All Star team. He stunned the Vinylmation community when he made an appearance on release night. He is a sought after figure and one of the coolest ideas ever put onto Vinylmation.
Sonny Eclipse
“Park 6”
by Maria Clapsis

One of  my favorite characters at the Magic Kingdom and Maria did a fantastic job representing him on Vinylmation. I also think he’d make a good third baseman.
Sour Candy Apple
“Cutesters Too”
by Maria Clapsis

I like this one a lot better than its candy apple counter part. The design is great and the face is priceless. And anything hit to this guy, will stick like glue.
Milk Carton
“Urban 7 Ear Hat”
by Maria Clapsis

A perfect design and great imagination. It has full nutrition facts on the back, including 100% Vinylmation. It also has a cool Vinylmation Farms logo. 
Sam the Eagle
“Muppets 2”
by Monty Maldovan

One of the best 9″ figures ever created. The design is perfect all around. Including the great tail. Not to mention we are playing the American Pastime… Sam must be there.
Hook Pirate
“Pirates of the Caribbean”
by Casey Jones

I think POTC is one of the best designed sets ever produced. It looks amazing. Hook Pirate is my favorite design in the set. Hard to pick one, but come on, I need a pitcher who can cheat and scuff up the ball against M.C.’s power lineup.
“Cutesters Too”
by Maria Clapsis

Ya, he has a lot of holes in his game… but this colorful character was instantly one of my favorite designs ever. Don’t worry, I’m also surprised that I have two Cutesters Too on my team. 
Nerd Goofy
“Nerds Rock!”
by Doug Strayer

Just like M.C., I enjoy this entire set. It’s fun, well designed and has many details. But Goofy, with his pocket protector, glasses and braces, is the best in the set. His hat is so well designed, we have never seen anything like it before in Vinylmation. 
“Hong Kong”
by unknown

Dumbo is one of the finest figures ever to grace Mickey’s vinyl mold. With so many ways he could be approached, the face is drawn perfectly. And yes, it did cross my mind that Dumbo can fly.
Maria Clapsis

Maria is the most prolific artist in Vinylmation today. And her work, is consistently top notch. Also, as you can tell from my list, her work is almost always my favorite. What has she done in 2011? Cutesters Donut and Urban Milk Carton Ear Hat sets. Animation 1 Dodger, Merlin, Hippo and Whale. Cutesters Too set. Urban 6 Cactus. Park 7 Alien Encounter and Up. Too many to list.

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