Adam Roth’s 7/15/11 Epcot Photo Report

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Believe it or not, the Magic Kingdom isn’t the only park with news to talk about. Adam Roth proves the point with a ton of photos from his latest trip to Epcot on Friday:

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The Refreshment Port has a new menu

Gone is the Mexican cuisine, some interesting new choices that are quite unique have arrived

Let’s take a trip north of the border

WDWNT proudly presents: Semi-Circle Vision

Martin thought it was funny…


Alice greeting guests

Happy Bastille Day!

The pavilion was decorated for the occasion

A temporary cart is up in the Japan pavilion

A look at the menu

The cart is in place while a new permanent vending location is being built

This will be used for the Food and Wine Festival, but also during the rest of the year

Micah and the Reason was brought in to replace one of the scheduled bands

It’s amazing how quickly they had a sign ready to go

The only way to travel

Reservations for the sit down restaurants of the Mexico pavilion can now be made at an outside counter


Not that it’s bad…

I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Circle of Life


Hard to believe, but this film is 17 years old now

Let’s go to Innoventions

Lots of closed exhibits right now

The walled space was the Velcro exhibit “What’s Your Problem?”

The seating area across from The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is now closed

The building facades of the Velcro exhibit are still up

It’s pretty empty

The waiting area is completely gone

Pieces of the theater are still in place

Do we have to?

Alright, I’ll do it for the mural…

I know it looks good now, but it will soon go downhill… literally…

We’re almost there…

Oh no, we’re close!



Back to Innoventions, The House of Innoventions is back after years of closure

How futuristic!

MEanwhile, the beloved “Don’t Waste It!” is history…

The house of the future has Microsoft products… no comment…


The furniture style is interesting…

A lot of similarities with the House of the Future from Disneyland’s Innoventions

In the future, microwaves open this way

Kinect? Wonder if the Disneyland game will be featured here later this year…

Here’s how to play Kinect

You thought the Wii had restrictions…

If I collect pins, shouldn’t I just look at the cast member’s lanyard?

A volunteer gets to play

I want an inviso-chari!

It’s not Google Earth, it’s Bing… it’s like if you copy and past Google into something else…

In the future, plates have faces!

Next we see Spier-Girl’s bed…

Time to jam!

Who said there’s no live music in Future World?


And now, the shower of the future!

I think in the summer, they should walk the guests through the shower…

Within minutes, this photo was connected to rumors of World of Color coming to Downtown Disney…


A talking toilet?

OK, it doesn’t talk…

Toilet paper has declared freedom from the wall!

Now we’re in the garage


This device takes rain water and turns it into drinking water

Pretty crazy


Hi bunny…

Hola Donald

SOUND THE HORN! It’s a cloudberry horn from the Norway pavilion

This might be the most disturbing picture this site has ever posted…

The Bead Out post seems to be doing welll

The maps are made into artwork…

The candy wall at the American Adventure’s Heritage Manor Gifts is proving quite popular

Some classic candy

Candy Mustace!

You can make an entire face out of candy!

Not sure what that is…

Is that a leg?


Quite the selection

A healthier option…

Baskets full of healthy treats

Time for Sounds Like Summer!

I think we saw this already…

What are these things?


Not yummy… Turkey Leg t-shirt

Time for Illuminations

Time for a nap…

World Showcase has a certain aura at night





The remodeling of Mouse Gear was recently completed

The old theme is still untouched

Pieces of Journey into Imagination are still around

The canopy is still up

Goodnight Epcot

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Ellie Berrios
10 years ago

Great illuminations Shot!!!! Cant wait to get there in DEC!!!

Rebecca DuBois
10 years ago

Those lanterns are Domo kun, he's a famous TV character from Japan ^ ^

Ihasani Nternet
10 years ago

The "inviso chair" is from Ikea…

In fact, it looks like about half-ish of the decor items came from Ikea as well.

Peter Wassel
10 years ago

So many pictures!

Jennifer Bureau
Jennifer Bureau
10 years ago

1) Those "things" are Domo!
2) The home of the future isn't very futuristic at all. Kinect isn't future, it's now. The grill "outside" looks like every grill I've seen in the last 10 years, etc. etc. Unimpressed.
3) Wait wait wait… is the big version of the Dreamfinder's "boat/zepplin/flying machine" gone?

10 years ago

The "leg" on the candy wall is a licorice pipe!  The red ones were my FAVORITE treat as a kid. Oh, the memories…