Adam Roth’s 7/23/11 Epcot & Magic Kingdom Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth visited The Magic Kingdom and Epcot on Saturday and has a ton of newsworthy photos to share with us (including Fantasyland Expansion progress), so let’s take a look:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A good portion of Epcot was being rented out for a party

Bad day to visit this park…

Unless you’re going to the party of course…

An interesting look inside The Land


Even all of the railings were decorated

Snakes… Why did it have to be snakes…

This must be one expensive party…

Dollar Tree? Maybe…

I hate to say it, but the pavilion looks better

Soarin’ Under Foliage…

Ah, it is a rainforest

They even rented that…

If I had to guess, Donald was probably rented out for the party…

Looks like the party has started!

Plenty of THOR merchandise at the Norway pavilion…

Hammer time!

At least Bill and Sherry weren’t rented out…

“When your brakes lock up…”

Don’t try this at home


Trippy again…

Awww, we just missed the crash

Never really noticed how cartoony the wall artwork actually is, looks like a scene from Roger Rabbit

A beautiful day for a test drive

I guess GM doesn’t have many cars to showcase because now Disney has used some space for a Richard Petty Driving Experience ad

They simply placed a brochure under the glass

At least there is something to look at

More party screens

“Hello Figment, we need you to stay open, they didn’t rent you out”

The new screens and projectors still look great

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The giant Simon game is now just being used as a lighting feature

Adam was very bored…

No comment

These shirts have been out for a while now

Moving to the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to check on Fantasyland! First stop: Storybook Circus

Not much progress on the Dumbo queue as of late

Meanwhile, much of the Barnstormer building is being rebuilt

Construction towards the back of the Circus

The top layer of rock-work on Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid looks complete

Notice the painted grassy patches

Eric’s castle is progressing nicely as well

Beast’s Castle sits in the distance

The rock-work wire mesh continues to form around the Be Our Guest restaurtant

The roof is now on Bonjour! Village Gifts

More rock-work forming

Enchanted Tales with Belle has looked like this for a while now

Looks like some grassy patches are coming in over here as well

No visible progress on the castle wall

Walls have come out by Pinocchio’s Village Haus

Fantasyland is now California Adventure… at least Electrical Parade doesn’t squeeze through here…

Guests are intrigued

The roof on Village Haus is being replaced again

I feel like this has been done at least twice already in the last 2 years

Over at the Haunted Mansion, these busts still don’t do anything

Master Gracey’s plot has grown in nicely


If we look close enough, we might get a look at the elusive…

Wait, I think it’s him! (Kind of blurry)

It is, Captain Mumblebears… I mean Blackbeard!

In the merchandise department, something strange is going on…

Is there really a need to sell Nightmare Before Christmas stuff in Caribbean Plaza?

Especially under the Pirates movie logo…

This store was this large in 1973 before you had a movie franchise, now with the franchise you can’t fill the store with just Pirates merchandise?

The dog with the key disapproves

More of this please…

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel was closed after a boy who was jumping up and down managed to knock a horse off of the ride. The ride has since re-opened


The queue room at Space Ranger Spin has finally been restored! It looks brand new!

Adam got a perfect score for the first time

He was very excited to be a Galactic Hero… afterwards, he celebrated with ice cream

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Jeff Tolbert
Jeff Tolbert

999,999 to bad u are in the wrong ride! LOL!


wow…The Land looks great with those plants! 

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Aydin Turgay
Aydin Turgay

That was a great report.  I especially loved the Test Track photos!

Laura Heads
Laura Heads

Do you know what parts of the new Fantasyland are opening when or is it all pretty much when ever at the moment?

Early Epcot Closures Yesterday - WDW Radio Disney Forums

[…] Epcot Closures Yesterday Adam Roth’s 7/23/11 Epcot & Magic Kingdom Photo Report | WDW News Today Anyone know what was going on over on this side of Epcot that night? The Seas, The Land and […]

Mouseketeer Kid
Mouseketeer Kid

I hope the Land stays like that. It'd tie everything (but Soarin') in together, and it would make it seem more 'landy' like how the Sea with Nemo is 'sea-ey'.

Poor Village Haus. It doesn't need that much plastic surgery.