Collecting with Claudia: Trading Vinylmation

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Most of us depend on trades to enhance our own Vinylmation collection, so the more options we have for trade locations, the better. This article will explore the most common trading practices, locations, and suggestions.

For those collectors who live in Florida, it is a bit easier to trade on Disney properties like the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Resorts, Trade Nights, and so on. You can find a list of trading spots on Disney properties by going to: Destination Vinylmation’s Trading Locations page or typing “trading locations” in the search bar (on the top right).

Though not everyone has the luxury of living near Disney, there are several options that I will discuss here.

One trading option is to go to Disney Stores, which are located in malls throughout the country. Do take into consideration that not all stores will have Vinylmation trading, so check with your local stores.

If you cannot get to a Disney Store, there are many online trading websites available (please do your own research before you sign-up for a particular trading site). Here is a list of commonly known trading sites; however, this is by no means a complete list:

Vinylmation Kingdom


Vinylmation Trader

Vinylmation Traders

Facebook, youtube, and Craigslist are also other options when searching for new trading experiences.

Advice & Suggestions:

*SAFETY is #1. I cannot stress this enough. A vinylmation is NOT worth risking your privacy and safety.

*If you are under the age of 18, please make sure you have your parents’ permission.

*Be honest throughout the entire trading process. For example: accurately describe your vinyls that are up for trade (are they new, damaged, scuffed, have paint loss, etc…).

*Do your research, ask other collectors, go online, talk to your friends.

* When trading via “snail” mail, I would highly encourage you to obtain a tracking number, and package the vinyls very well. Bubble wrap is a great way to ensure your figures are safe during transit. It is very disappointing to receive a vinyl that is damaged due to poor packaging.

If I have left out any trading options, websites, groups, suggestions, etc… please make sure to inform our readers by leaving a comment below. Thank you, and KEEP ON COLLECTING!

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When not trading in the parks (DLR), I like to look for trades on the MouseWait app in the Trading post section of the Lounge. Hope to see some you trade with us. (TrEX214)


Rex: Thanks for the information.

Kevin Tolentino
Kevin Tolentino

This is a great article. Great tips and advice Claudia!!!


Thank you, Kevin!