Room For 1 More?

We brought you the news that there will in fact be a special Vinylmation for purchase at the Room For 1 More event celebrating the Haunted Mansion at 40 on September 30. Registration for the $285 event was up on July 20. So if you don’t have a ticket by now, you are probably going to have to look for the Vinylmation in the secondary market. But here is what the 3″ figure looks like:

 A little underwhelming for my taste. Come on, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion here. But the design is neat with the ghoul peaking out of a doom buggy. Then on the back, you can see the event logo and a question that haunts each and every guest to the classic attraction. This 3″ figure comes packaged with an Ear Hat and Pin. It’s LE 500 and designed by Monty Maldovan.

The Ear Hat is a different story. I love the look of this one pulling the colors of the wallpaper for the hat. The hitchhiking ghosts on the front. And the portraits on the ears.